Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back Home !!!

Jessie is now moved in .Is now a big girl and has her first apartment. No more collage dorm room.It is very nice.and she has her dog. Everything was given to her or was from her bed room at home ,still need to make her some curtains.I cut off the ones she hadthere are one up. and I will use the bottom for the living area.

It was soooooooo warm. I'm spoiled I'm back home I will miss having her come visit as often as she did .It will be awhile before she comes to Minot I will be going there.

We did not get her bed covered washed

The tour is over.


  1. your home is cool,
    lovely and comfortable!

  2. It is hard when they move into there own apartment, but parents can always go visit them. My parents visited me when I lived in the apartment and always brought me something. We always loved the milk, cream, and fresh eggs from the farm. I still would like to be back in the country. Have a wonderful day.

  3. The apartment looks great. I see you two having some wonderful visits together.

    Hugs XX

  4. Her apartment is adorable. You will have such fun visiting her..and visa versa. :))

    You asked if it was cold in Alaska. We really lucked out and had the most beautiful weather the entire 8 days. When we were up high on the glacier, it was 69 degrees...almost hot. No coats..just the long sleeves of our shirts were perfect. We didn't put heavy coats on even once, the entire trip.