Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy pink Satruday

Happy Pink Saturday
This is one of my dolls
Halloween has come so fast.
My dolls in pink the blond is wearing a dress my granddaughter wore when she was 5 years old .she loved Disney She is now 21 and getting ready to study in Spain.

The small one is wear another granddaughter sweater she is 11 The dark haired one is just a dress I bought on Clearance .From my button swap from Her name .
Tami Hacker
The card has picture of the dolls I collect
everything is so nice.

This is what I sent it was a fun swap

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hi Everyone, Been very busy has friend visit from Wisconsin. Had allot of fun.
Got a pattern for a small Christmas runner fabric for a mug rug. And wire to wrap glass and stones for jewelry. Buttons for something no ideas.

This is the small quilt shop. In a small town of Velva
It was a short visit.
Now back to the work week.

I have gotten Joe cold had to fight that while friends where here . Will take it easy till better.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friend Swap

What a great Friends swap She is a very good at Stiching I really like what I recieved .Will be using all the gifts.

I bought a new Apple computer .So I'm trying to use it I also have a nook too .So I will not be doing much sewing or painting.  I heard it is so easy. not for me! Do not know how much I will be blogging.
Jessie is going to Spain in Jan so wanted to skyp with her .
She will be going to Cadiz Spain to study Spanish, We are planning to go and visit. So any one any hints let me know.We are planning on renting some kind of Apartment for a few weeks.
I did get my swaps ready for Oct. so that is good.
I'm working on my Christmas card also .Maybe this will be the last year I paint one.It is so hard to quitsomething when you do something a few years.People tell me they look forward to it. I started it after 9/11. This year is a santa and a small girl from a picture I found in a magazine.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Norsk Host Fest

 Here is some of the booths and peoples costumes and some of the stages .It was a fun busy fun week. Now it is back to the cleaning and some crafting. ---- same old.------

William and Reed
Singer from Norway

The world always looks brighter behind a smile  By unknown