Monday, December 13, 2021

Found my blog


I hope this works 

I have not been able to post 

I have so much to share

this is my great granddaughter 

Her name is Gianna 

She is 8 months old.  

Hope if you see this you leave a comment 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Happy Pink Saturday

    A couple vignettes 
Craft project done and working on

I was into working with these porcelain doll using them with paper clay

My collection of santo dolls 
Some I made
out of paper clay, carved  rest I bought

Her is a vignette of some of my mannequins

There is a crown made out of hair hanging on the pin one 

Its kind of creepy

Hat painting I did when I was collecting hat  That may be my next collections

This all for this week Hope you leave a comment 

Have a Happy pink Saturday



Sunday, February 28, 2021

New Month March

Hope this will be a good week


Waiting for a Great Grandchild

have not found the sex or  name 

Hi working on my craft room .

wanting my journal paper in some kind of order

 never know where what is 

it is a mess put hope it will work better

I can not find a basket or something to keep then in,my closet is so full 

I will keep looking 

I want to do some journal 

they are a lot  of work but fun


table for easter

Punched the three chick hope to get them to stand 

They are punched on a burlap table runner 

I will cut them separate and hope have standing chicks

The white and green chicks
are punch with wool
Yellow is yarn 
Hope to post soon