Saturday, September 14, 2019

wool punch /Clay paper doll

Happy Pink Satruday
These are some wonderful doll
Saw them on Instagram
gal from Russia
 Going to do my version
I thing her's are wood I'm going to use fabric
More fun

I try every month to send a package to my college granddaughter she loves to decorator her apartment with small  holiday 's things

New needle punch have have finished and some fun yarn

I may teach a class in needle punch at  local yarn shop
It may be to much a cost to have with all the needed supplies

I made these fun dolls the wood design 
is by Julie Haymaker 
bisbeebliss at Etsy 

Here is how I dressed them

Accents are from flea market in
Amalfi Italy
Lady sitting on a lime green chipped feista cup
Sit on a glass jar from Amlifi Italy
A chocolate Lemoncello
Nice square jar

This just a stack of wood objects .Fancy gal

One sits on a glass jar, Center is on a lime color cup, third is just a fancy gal

A hanging gal with a Tummy full of balloon's
The color are one of my favorite combination

Repeat of the" fancy's ladys" another hanging doll.
She remines in of the A" of Hearts.
Her tummy is ful of hearts.
The red hat stand in the back ground
Love the Red!!
What one is your favorite
Will be doing more

Hope all have a wonderful 
new week 
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Friday, August 30, 2019

Back to collage

Happy pink Saturday
So happy you came by!!!!!

 Granddaughter for to her second year of college.
This year she has a apartment.
Couple painting she did your there kitchen .
 Nice job took two days but did by herself

Car is full
 But they got it all.
My husband can pack good
She was full ,glad I do not have to unpack,
The apartment is on the fifth floor .Good  they have a elevator

Oh what fun time ahead for her
Looking forward to see how she does her apartment
Tomorrows a big day for kids starting school a 
University of Minnesota

Hope your holiday this week end is safe and fun.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hi on a happy note

My glass tower
Things from when I was a tiny person.
I have had many years
The dome is from Mexico
Sometime in the 70'
The glass figure.
My husband work in research
and they had a glass blower
he made it.
Box of memories

 A few things from in the dome Some from when I was young
Bracelet blue from grade school , tennis pin ( my trophy from tennis match )
Ceramic dolls from a Great Aunt ,
Key ring of a tupperware bowl.
Blue pill box.
Two wooden peg dolls ,  Big one from a auction 
Small one My uncle was from Denmark.
His family had a farm over there .
The family sold it ,So from his share of money,
He could not take the money out of Denmark.
That's how I received  the doll.
My age was about 3-4years old.
 My mother saved it in her top drown of the dresser.
I saw my cousin daughter of the uncle.
Told here I would send it her for granddaughter

Love when I know someone read this.

Next post  will be about what I'm been working on
 Have a great week