Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Pink Saturaday

Back from OWOH trip
I was so fun.
This is the painting I just painted.
It is a copy of a vintage postcard.
Both are Soft Pastelsroses and the bird

This I recieved from my Tea cup Swap ,Is it not so pretty

Kinder eggs ,the scarf with roses on it ,tea spoon ,tea.The box she sent it all in looks so vintage.

I went shopping .Found these dresses on clearance
This is a doll about 25 inches the dress is size 3-6 months
The red head is about 32 inch tall. Her dress is 24 months .

I have not changed the outfits in awhile. To me they are so cute in there new dresses

The designer of these doll no long manufacturer she is from Germany Annette Himested. She stopped a couple years ago. I think they are design so wonderful.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


THE WINNER IS!!!!!!!!!!
Is from the Netherlands

I had a nice trip going from all the blogs all around the world. I'm going shopping for Mirian
I will try to find American made..I'm so happy I meet everyone and hope we keep blogging

Monday, February 14, 2011

Swaps/ Valentines

Happy Valentines Day,


I have received some wonderful things
Love these Swaps

This is my Valentine Swap gift
From Jan Thut Sorry about the picture
My Feb ATC Love it.
One of my favorite
Tee Hall
Cute Cute Mug Rug Swap
From Mary Ann Miller, I do not know her blog
There is bag has the same
fabric in the mug rug.
Lucky me I got two mug rugs.
Never too much candy

The OWOH is all most over and have loved it .The thing I'm sorry it is the last one.
I have blog to allot of different countries an different blog . Hope I keep blogging with some.

Starting to feel better.Hives are gone!!!!
Foot is OK!!!!

Starting to get into crafting
Working on a blue denim jacket.
Doing it up in yellow.
Did a few ATC. I try ed painting them this time

Also colored lace with egg color ,they use for Easter.The colors came out very pretty.
I so pleased about it.When I can, will sew again will work with the Crazy Quilting.Need to sew the quilts so I can embroidery and bead them.I have been looking up allot about beading.

Saying for the day
childern are a handful sonetimes,
a heart full all the time.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I have been flying all all over the world with the OWOH. Ihope to keep blogging with some. It is too bad it is the last time. I loved it.

My foot is done they removed the nerve.Now I can wear different shoes in a few weeks .

I have had this thread for along time .Now that I just sit. I put all the thread on cards.

Before and After

This what I sent for my Valentine swap The partner like it Workrd out great.
This is my January ACT swap Snow and White
The blue picture is from me
White is from my partner and she also sent me a stamps I haven never used them before.