Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Doing for 2015

Merry Christmas
May we all have safe and blessed holiday

I'm going to try and visit new bloggers The ones I have been following never seen to leave comment or they do not post often
I want to meet more  bloggers friends like the few I have.
This year I'm going to pay attention more to details around me.
Do more swaps and have more giveaways
something every month I'm home
I'm taking more classes online Looking forward to them
I'm so lucky in life I want to share more.
 We will be  traveling more this year going to post about it
and try more with my camera fun pictures. at home and on trips 
I have been blogging with shabby chic gals Just found some primitive blog it is so fun to find them It is my mine what I like and use  in my house
going to paint for my kitchen sunflowers colors will be yellow and blue
Have allot of painting to do
When I go to daughter I do wool work
Going to her house for holiday will some things

Monday, December 22, 2014

Convsation about Christmas trips

Hi ,
This will be a fun and merry week
Will be surprising my daughter ,we are getting a  plane ticket to fly home for  her daughter so she will not have to drive. The weather around here can be bad this time of year.
I had a surprise yesterday my husband asked me to go look a nice ring for Christmas I said I want a  big stone or none ,he said I know After thinking about it  I told him I would rather go on a couple trips, Next winter I would like to go to
California . I see so many nice shops,  or try to find a fun place to go in the winter where it is warm. This year I'm going to Spain and a couple short trips to maybe south of France,  not sure where else  we will find somewhere .When  I get back in May I'm going to London with my daughter and two granddaughters. It will be warm the only time granddaughter can go.
Any Ideas from any one just let me know

I have been painting stroke rose They are Mary Jo Leisure style love them I have done so many .But I  Think I'm starting to get it .This is one of hers. When I get it , will post I have wood pieces from her I hope it finish them in the new year .Going to master them

Want to bring some thing to work on when we are in Spain not sure to bring hand work or watercolor ,Water color do not take much room or does not much take much  weight .
And I know there is a art shop there so can get paper.

Merry Christmas  to all

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas projects

Zen tangle a fun thing I want to do more of
It was a project in the Art Date I did

 Small painting
 More small painting finished copies from Pinterest  and one pastel of Italy. 
I liked the black cloth hanging

Hope I get time for more small they are nice just sitting on a easel  on a table

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas projects

It's holiday time

 I did my daughters tree.When my granddaughter was little we went to burger king , and I saved the toy from the happy meals She is 24 year sold now. I did the  tree this year  with them it is so cute

 This what I have been doing The outfit on the mannequin , I wore many years ago.( save everything)
The car is my Christmas card .

 Jars for my friends ,coaster, heart shape snowman on with newspaper on wood , mache boxes has old family pictures and just old photos,and a sq. glass jar with Christmas lights
 Boxes i'm using for gift boxes

 working on this  I had e a collection of gum balls machines Want to do a yellow in pastels.
 Christmas stocking small 6x10 hanging off a cloth hanger can change often.
Painting of  candy cane and cup
Working still few things to do 
 I really like the small canvas will do more on them easy to store and can sit on different surface floor, table mantels just great size. I have no more walls for paintings,
 I'm starting to do paintings for my nieces
I need to take pictures when I do things 
Hope you leave a comment!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Crafts/ PS

Hi ,
Paper Clay projects
Happy Thanksgiving

                                                        (one of the project from Art Play Date)
Do not know what I have been doing.I have been doing my crafts.I joined the Art Play Date here online .Loved it finished about 20 projects will do the next sessions join another one also it is for oil paint

Hope to get to posting more.I would like to post what I craft everyday. Here is a start.
My pink Saturday

This is the picture I took

 This is what I did Wed( the painting Last winter in my friends yard )
Necklaces the weekend Some Some stawberrrys
Working on this gum balls and the little girl needs to be more sharp

Monday, September 1, 2014

Paper Clay dolls

Here are some of my "Creative Paperclay" dolls and other dolls 
They are so fun to make.
They are adopted with papers to the one that buys doll

Sitting in
This in my family room

 This one sitting on a bird cage

 She is on a mannequin from hobby lobby
the head is the only thing add ,with the add ons            

A little closer

Monday, August 25, 2014

Gas can/ CreativePaperclayhand /curling willow

This is something to read
She needs some help too

Been in Minn.My son and his family and granddaughter Jessie live there
Went the twin game sat in the Honey Wells
 box that's the way to see a game
Shopping, eating, out at great fun places.
 Went to mall, had my eyebrows treaded. I like that done.
Antique Shops found some fun things suitcase,wire basket,tin strainer tray, a lot of spoons, forks, knife
 At the art store got allot of craft supply .Going to start and try to stamp silver wear

This is what I was working on at home  Small  " Creative Paperclay"  hand for jewelry Will be painting them
They are two different ones

This can from our farm. No one has live there since 1956.So it just has a few old building falling down or they are down .I went out there and found this old gas can ,my father had used . Clean it up sprayed painted and decorated it with a fun and funky .Going to use it in the man cave room I have a few other thing with this design.There is a bottle stopper in the pour spot so not dust in it .the shade is tied with rags of fabric.There is design all the way around.

A fun memory

This is hanging on our shed porch the willow is from Oregon is curly willow.I'm going to add more glass pieces, use solar yard posts for the lights.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Shara designs bag painting

Hi Everyone
I have been painting 
These designs are them
of Shara Riener
 I added my thought also
I like her style so much
This is a tray from the 50'sor 40's

The still life was a add in a magazine It is 8x10 size.
 Hope you all leave a comment

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Paper butterfly , Paste board

I'm taking a online class
it is 24 weeks every week a different project.

This is done on paper with pencils very fun
The teacher was
Kelly Hoernig 
The frame is done like the next project 
Kelly HoegKelly Hoernig

This project is so fun with molding paste.I have worked with paste but never this way. The teacher is

 Chris Haughey 
The surface was a black board ,did the project on ,I added the hanger and rags and flower.
Going to do some more small things.With them breath mint boxes in this style

Looking forward to Monday's class

Had work done on my leg ( bad veins) A little sore . Hope this is the last thing I have go wrong .I have had one thing right after another.

Josh Duhamel is from here, his sister graduated from nurses school and he was there

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nest, Wedding announcement

Happy Mothers day to all

Today is raining and cold
I was cleaning and I found this clipping of my aunts wedding, It is  announcement from a newspaper in 1940.  Could not believe it was in a sugar bowl  I received when she past away in 2004 along with some more clippings . Now I know I'm like my mother and I keep every thing.
 I bought a cheap frame sanded painted it and added some rags and a rag flower.In the clipping said her dress was wine accessories color were  black. So  I added a black beads I hope my cousins like it .
I'm sending it to them
 It is mothers day I wish I would have done it for today
Will get in the mail soon

This what I got in the mail
 It is a nest 
I order from
She sells a lot of them but you do have to get on a list

I have seen  couple it is fun to see the different birds that sit in it.

I have three of her nests  Green, White and now Spring
 In one of my bedrooms I have
A Feather tree and I put my white one in it. I keep adding shabby chic things in the tree.
I tried to make one ,I do not knit so I bought a knitted hat and added yarn and rags to it ,It is ok  Put One in my dolls  arms and she holds it.
Vickie's are so much nicer,( a bit spendy) but they do take a lot of time
 All so made the pillow she is holding and the pillow with a pocket my mother did the hand work.
The picture in  the pocket is my mothers uncle and now I have part of mineral right from his oil well.(    not much)

I'm trying to stay off Facebook ,So now I'm writing more on the blog, wish I would  get more comment Do not know how to get more.
 Any ideas.
Hope you have a good day