Sunday, January 30, 2011

One World One Heart

One World One Heart

Hi everyone.
From cold North DakotaUSA
This is my first OWOH. Do not know much about the computer. Hope to learn I did try a college class it was not what I needed. That was a waste.Put that is what life it is all about.Learning.
I also collect Annetta Himsted dolls like to sew for them they about the size of a two year old . Collect pottery, crowns ,Color crayons things too many to list.
Love to go to auctions put can not go as my house is full. and I have no will power there
Trying to get some of the thing out of here.
I just do not know what I like best country or shabby chic I have both style in different rooms.

I'm a retired art teacher . Now all do is play and try new crafts. I love to give gifts, so I really like the swaps I think it is fun find the theme.
I have three granddaughter and I'm making something for them. all the time.My hobby's are
Decorative Painting ( oil s, Pastel,watercolor and acrylics)
Fine Art I do not know where( Fine art) that comes from but that is another story
I work with wool.I get allot my wool from a farm here in North Dakota. she dyes ,it to the most wonderful colors
I have a kiln do some glass fusing glass .
Little beads work but use them with my wool
Handwork, Crazy Quilting-- Make pillows
I think I have tryed them all. I now just do for fun ,I have a few things At my Etsy Store.Need to do something with them.
Have doing crafts all my life started with my doll on my mom's sewing machine

I started blogging to meet people from every where and have meet some . really like this OWOH. Just sorry it is the last one. But I understand with people like that not know much about the computer it is allot of work..I like to travel. Have been to Europe a few times.Hope to go again.Maybe to see you.Maybe you can come here.

Welcome everyone from around the world .
This is my door prize for visiting + some candy and a surprise,it will depend on who the winners is something they can use.what the surprise will be? I will visit everyone who leave a comment. Hope some will follow. I know I will be back to some of you.
I will put everyones name in a hat and pick the winner That makes a comment from Jan30- Feb 17. I hope to meet some new friends Thank You for stopping by . will be by

Here is what I have been doing

Along with have my foot fixed.Had a nerve removed.

Finished my gifts for all the swaps I'm in. They are ---
Mug Matt( and I'm not a quilter)

Now I have not reason to not clean or finish matting and painting the things I have ready to get done.
We did finish the kitchen .I now need to get paintings for the wall. After I matt them.I will take picture of the new look in my kitchen.
Hope you leave a comment.Hope the world will settle down with the weather and unrest

Week starting--

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Busy Day

Been doing my kitchen

wall paper all down and have started to put new up. It is going to be so light and bright.Have been putting up things different and packing some to .Need to frame and matt .Joe painted the back hall way so hung pictures and rearranged things . Will take pictures .

This evening finished all things for swaps Just to get them in the mail. It is fun trying to keep to the theme for the swap.
Here is all the gifts for the swaps

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I worked in our main bathroom.Y ou can see I have painted a lot of things, I was in paris a few years ago so few of the things are from there. Today I took a table cover and cut one and sewed another to the bottom to make it fit to the floor. Where I sewed them together I added some vintage lace I liked the way it came out.

I painted the frame and sewed the oval pillows .Some of the things.I did today.
I listed a few things on my Etsy store. I have allot of pottery I listed some, going to try to down size.There is still more .There going to be some McCoy I like yellow ,White a few other pieces too.

Saying for this post
Sometime it's better
to put love into hugs
than to put it into words

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hi Everyone,
This is outof my window where sit and do my handwork.
Joe and a friend was on the roof getting the snow off ,here is where it landed .There must have been a couple feet they shoved it all off. One big job .
I won a package of Crazy Quilt things from Pat Winter her thing a wonderful. Stop by
Now what do I do with it?

The saying
Sometime is is better to put love into hugs than to put into words.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday
I'm still on my tour
This is one of the two bathrooms
I have painted every ting except the sink and the water pitcher.A friend and I traded I gave her a train for around her christmas tree.

Days saying
The only love worthy of a name is unconditional
By John Powell

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Small tour

Hi everyone

Thank You for coming by and leaving a comment.

This week I want to show rooms in my house this way I will clean every one.
The first rooms .This is one of the bedrooms.
I do have some McCoy pottery.I like the yellow and white pottery.You will see I collect allot of things.This is a small room this about half of it. I call it my doll room as the
clother and others and doll things are in here.

I did go and cleaned allot out, still have so much in every room.

I have four bedrooms, sun ,living, family,dinning ,laundry ,computer, two baths, and craft rooms and man cave (enclosed deck my husband lives in it.

This is hall from my dinning /living rooms into the kitchen.I painted the door with a cow and chicken on it .The cabinet has chickens and chicks on them. The counters I also painted and them stenciled stars It was very worn.
Now I'm having the counter changed and new wall paper,And a new dish washer.Do not know when they will put the counter in, but I have the wallpaper ordered.Now I need to take the shelves down and take the wallpaper off.Will do the remodel It will be some time .There is also some of my polish pottery.I also have allot of chickens .but have cut them back too.
I bought this calendar .
Hold on Tight
By Mary Engelbreit's has different sayings everyday will try to post them.
Saying for the day
In the sweetness of friendship
let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures
By Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to Crafting

Hi Everyone
Thank you for stopping by.
I feel good at last. What I did was take too many calcium.I never knew you could get so sick from doing that.Has any one else done this?
I finished my fabric book .I started last fall. I designed it from my ATC's . I started it when there was a contest for our ACT Swap.I did not have time to finish it then . I went on that trip out east. So did today, I did a different one for the contest .

Front and Back

Sister and Angel Swap

Leaves and Orange Swap
I sewed this table cover for my patio today.The fabric I have had a while .Pattern is like the 40's.
Was going to do my deck in the 40's style but it is now enclosed and is my country.So I will use it on my patio.
The gourds I painted in lime and a dark red.Two of them reminds me of a big pear.The pear is a Symbol of homespun cozy and warm.
They are large ones.I bought the cutting board in France is it not wonderful?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good day Sunday

Hi every one
Thanks everyone who stopped by
I think I stop by every Pink Saturday that posted in it.
I left allot of comment not all but most and then some of the blogs they liked.
There is so many with talent . I wonder how they get it all done .
I have had the flu or something .Hope the week is better.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Hi everyone
Hope everyone is having a good weekend
Two of my granddaughters,
you can see we like the Packers and Favre.
These would look good a any table

Have a Pretty Pink Saturday

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Right size Heart

Hi everyone
oops oops

Was laying in bed last night and it dawn on me the pillow I made for the heart swap was too big
The one I made,could not fits in the flat rate box 8x5.I made the wrong size heart. So had to make the correct size today. The one I made is too big 9x11, Now the second one is 5x6 the right size will fit in box.
They are both cream wool
Small pillow has vintage lace buttons and copied pictures. Silky ribbon.
The large one is vintage lace and stitched hearts ,with a rag flower made with muslin and grosgrain and silky ribbons.
Will be mailing it to Debbie soon.

You can see the big difference

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hi everyone . I want to have 100 followerThen I will have a giveaway again.So if you stop by please leave comment and become a follower.

This what I have been doing the last two days
First I have made I what call is a paper fabric.The idea came from
She does wonderful handwork.
I'm in the Heart Swap the organizer .Now I need to sew. I have changed some.
I'm getting into a few swaps Love them

More tour of the mall of America
This store amazed me it is the American doll .The owner of American dolls can bring there doll and have there dolls hair done .also the cafe bar is for party's

Here you bring friends and dolls for a birthday party Chairs for dolls and also a cake for the birthday party .It is amazing the whole store

Here is some of the felting I have done this week Just made ball then glued to acorn shell.
Got bored so quit .Will do more to fill a nest someday.
I'm going to account for my 2011 revolutions
Most important one to me is exercise and I have been.
Drinking my last Pepsi. I have been drinking too many.
Went to Dr yesterday it takes time to see if the surgery will work. Dr. said takes a few months.To see if ,I will not wear glasses.
Then went shopping by myself. Found some sales and got everything one my list. It was not to rush , Everything I bought I think was work for crafts.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Resolutions


Hi everyone

This is my Year

Here we I go

My word for the year CHANGE

Here are my Resolutions

#1 Exercise more

#2Blog more --with pictures

#3Etsy shop set up

#4More time and do for myself

#5 Say word NO

Some of my plans

go shopping by myself

get manicure and pedicures

Do paintings for myself

Us camera more

Will watch OWN love it

So today I start

I just did hand work and did some sewing .

Called couple sisters

I worked on a felted brooch Will try again .Not crazy about it .I did it round.

Here starts my new year 2011 CHANGE