Sunday, May 18, 2014

Paper butterfly , Paste board

I'm taking a online class
it is 24 weeks every week a different project.

This is done on paper with pencils very fun
The teacher was
Kelly Hoernig 
The frame is done like the next project 
Kelly HoegKelly Hoernig

This project is so fun with molding paste.I have worked with paste but never this way. The teacher is

 Chris Haughey 
The surface was a black board ,did the project on ,I added the hanger and rags and flower.
Going to do some more small things.With them breath mint boxes in this style

Looking forward to Monday's class

Had work done on my leg ( bad veins) A little sore . Hope this is the last thing I have go wrong .I have had one thing right after another.

Josh Duhamel is from here, his sister graduated from nurses school and he was there

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nest, Wedding announcement

Happy Mothers day to all

Today is raining and cold
I was cleaning and I found this clipping of my aunts wedding, It is  announcement from a newspaper in 1940.  Could not believe it was in a sugar bowl  I received when she past away in 2004 along with some more clippings . Now I know I'm like my mother and I keep every thing.
 I bought a cheap frame sanded painted it and added some rags and a rag flower.In the clipping said her dress was wine accessories color were  black. So  I added a black beads I hope my cousins like it .
I'm sending it to them
 It is mothers day I wish I would have done it for today
Will get in the mail soon

This what I got in the mail
 It is a nest 
I order from
She sells a lot of them but you do have to get on a list

I have seen  couple it is fun to see the different birds that sit in it.

I have three of her nests  Green, White and now Spring
 In one of my bedrooms I have
A Feather tree and I put my white one in it. I keep adding shabby chic things in the tree.
I tried to make one ,I do not knit so I bought a knitted hat and added yarn and rags to it ,It is ok  Put One in my dolls  arms and she holds it.
Vickie's are so much nicer,( a bit spendy) but they do take a lot of time
 All so made the pillow she is holding and the pillow with a pocket my mother did the hand work.
The picture in  the pocket is my mothers uncle and now I have part of mineral right from his oil well.(    not much)

I'm trying to stay off Facebook ,So now I'm writing more on the blog, wish I would  get more comment Do not know how to get more.
 Any ideas.
Hope you have a good day

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ball painting

This is what I worked on today .
It is a painting of ball equipment my husband use many years ago
Still have a few thing to finish
The weather here is still cold
Want so much for warm weather
and flowers.
Need to get busy and clean house.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Project with wool

I 'm going to try and post what I'm working on been doing funky steampunk.

Now I'm working with wool and a little silk flowers.
I hope some will let me know what you think.

I really like working with wool.I have done a lot of penny rugs
I have not had any sales on Etsy so will try for a couple more months then try something else
My niece is going to travel to show around the US in a camper and try to sell her crafts.I can maybe go with her. 

If you know of a show let me know for her.

 I have a plan for one more with no wool, a spring thing.

A wool hand bag,the wool is from scrapes a designer of coats the wool is two sided . Wonderful wool.
lining is a Asian feel . Nice for when you only need a little bag.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

50 Years

I'm having a Gold Saturday

May 2
I have been married 
50 years
Things have changed so much in these years not all good but a lot  are.
 I was turned 18 May 1st , May 2nd in 1964, I was married .
Some days it seems like I have always been married

My husband was with the military for 24 years It was a lot different then today.When he retied from that . He stared working at a bank, I was a stay at home mom most of the time  With moving I did try but it just did not work out. I had a great job with Avon in management ,but we had to move so that ended too. When he got out got of the Air Force.  I stared teaching painting, and seasonal jobs.
When he retired from that, so did I. I still do craft but at my time.
 They say 1 out of 5 marriages make it to 50 years. So we have done good, there have been days I wonder how we have done it.

We have a son and a daughter.They each have two girls.The best things from these 50 years.
This is how 50 years have gone by

For celebration we are going to go spend a couple months in Spain We where there a couple years ago and like it best places we have been.