Friday, September 6, 2013

spainish window

It has been some time I was here
Time goes by to fast
 This is my pink, the flowers are pink
It is what I'm painting on
It is a window in Spain . will finish later.
we passed it every day We spent six week there last April.
I love it there hope to go back in 2014 for  a couple months.

Tuesday we leave for Italy for two weeks. We are going to see my husband cousins
I do not speak ANY Italian  and they do not speak English ,we do have a cousin with us that does speak broken. will meet her in Newark she is 89 years old ( pray for us) .
They have train ticket to Florence  for three days.
Plan is to just get pictures to paint . I have been to Italy a few times ,Have no idea what we will do.
I would LOVE LOVE to get to a flea market but do not think I will . I have never meet these people
they are farm people and sure they  could care less about that . I hope I'm wrong ( pray they do want to go)
I plan to post if I'm by wi fi . If I get to it I will post on my face book Laura Zemliska Quaglia if you want to see. At first I thought I better not as it is so crazy here then my son said every one knows I'm going so do not think worry   about the house. The last time we where gone I did not  post I will this time when I'm at wifi. Hope you let me know if you where by