Friday, December 13, 2013

Snowman -Vanessa tour

Was in a snowman swap.This is one thing I received  also a tea towel . I'm going to use it in one of my bedrooms or my sunporch         This is her Etsy shop
This what I sent
The painting in the back will be my Christmas card it is a copy from pintrest

A couple things I made Mussie Tussie's I hang them from my dinning room chairs

I have a tour of my friends house it was amazing .The picture do not look as good as the day. She put some of my dolls for some accents .Another friend did allot of the work for her.
 The formal living room .The marbles in the painting are from my husbands collection ( he has hundred)

 This the quest room Theme was lady bugs and bees. The dolls are from my collection.
 Living room again snowman tree is just a regular  tree just shaped and add the ascent  Need a big room.
 The sons bedroom
 On her kitchen bar ,also she had a 2x4 ginger bread house and all old time candy
 Dining room ,My friend did the painting The flowers where so pretty.
  So nice Snowman tree with one more doll. She had more her bathrooms ,pool, bedroom
It was so nice.. There was four more houses on the tour a fun day.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dolls for Vanessa

Macy's Day parade 2012
Hope everyone will have  a wonderful Thanksgiving Day
This gal here I know  is having a  Christmas tour of her home. It is amazing, My friend is decorating  it he is so clever.
She has a bedroom done in yellow daises and ladybugs 
going put the dolls in that room had these clothiers for the calendar I have made. Also has a red tree going to see if she wants the red and white dolls. I will use them in my house for Christmas, bought the dresses last summer on crazy days at a wedding shop
It is fun to dress the dolls They stay neat and clean. I can use pins to fit them too. It would be nice to do better hair styles.
I'm going to get pictures of her house .She has spent more money on the decorating this tour  then most people spend in a life time.I think every thing is new this year.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Back again

Hi everyone
Been gone for awhile . I hope to get more comments Please help me out.
I'm trying to get organized .
Went to Italy for a couple weeks
I cleaned all my pictures on my computer I had 29,000 so many duplicate ,Put I got it done.
Been sick the Dr. was giving me to much med.
All so computer was not working. I lost all my favorite I followed.
I feel great now and want to get back to blogging and doing crafts again.
I have to do a few painting for someone .Once I finishes them I plan to have some fun and do some crafts. and do some decorating for the holidays not in the mood but once I start i get into it. Want to organize all the things I have .
I'm in a snowman swap ,need to do more swaps ,it gets me going .
This is my pink Sat.

Friday, September 6, 2013

spainish window

It has been some time I was here
Time goes by to fast
 This is my pink, the flowers are pink
It is what I'm painting on
It is a window in Spain . will finish later.
we passed it every day We spent six week there last April.
I love it there hope to go back in 2014 for  a couple months.

Tuesday we leave for Italy for two weeks. We are going to see my husband cousins
I do not speak ANY Italian  and they do not speak English ,we do have a cousin with us that does speak broken. will meet her in Newark she is 89 years old ( pray for us) .
They have train ticket to Florence  for three days.
Plan is to just get pictures to paint . I have been to Italy a few times ,Have no idea what we will do.
I would LOVE LOVE to get to a flea market but do not think I will . I have never meet these people
they are farm people and sure they  could care less about that . I hope I'm wrong ( pray they do want to go)
I plan to post if I'm by wi fi . If I get to it I will post on my face book Laura Zemliska Quaglia if you want to see. At first I thought I better not as it is so crazy here then my son said every one knows I'm going so do not think worry   about the house. The last time we where gone I did not  post I will this time when I'm at wifi. Hope you let me know if you where by

Monday, August 19, 2013

auction /santa & tree painting

Hi  Everyone,
Missed not being here.
My auction is done ,it was so much work It was Saturday the 17 of Aug. ,Had to do everything  Friday. The auction was Sat. morning   ,everyone was busy so me and husband took it out of the trailer and sat it out  started at 8:30 had to leave 6:30 . My daughter came late afternoon. Hope I never have to do that again.

Some of the auction things we sold.

 This is what I have been working on. Trading for a tee shirt quilt.tree are not done yet.
Santa is done it is a copy off the Internet and the trees she pick out of magazine

Will be going to Italy 10 th of Sept. for two weeks so going to start to plan that. We are going to husband family. Non of them can speak English and I do not speak Italian. Joe cousin is coming with and she speaks Italian. I will use allot of hand motions .
 I  have so many  things I want to do.Paint a couple paintings some sewing and I do a calendar with my dolls every year and have that to do

This is my scarf I did for  the colors  are my favorite
 vicki took the picture

Friday, July 19, 2013

patio/ window to paint

Happy Birthday
Have a wonderful day
Thank You for all you do

Hi everyone
Hope your summer is going good
I have been cleaning out it is so freeing
Here my take on the yarn nest going to paints soon bird to sit in ( post)
The best part is finding fun yarn

My sun room a inclosed patio
 one of my favorite rooms

I want to paint this small then use it in a easel 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Moving Jessie /Where Bloggers Create 2013

Hi everyone
I have missed the blog .I have pack and move more boxes then I thing a moving company Helped my daughter clean her shed her Christmas decorations ,my shed my house and still packing my house
I'm having a auction of things I no longer want If you are into vintage glass and primitives things dolls ,bears it a auction is for you. While doing this we moved my granddaughter to Minneapolis in a apartment.It was fun to set up furniture hang paintings here is a few
peeks at her new home, a lot of things I have painted .This is her first apt since she finished collage and her start of her working life.

 I when to the thrift

found a bunch of nice yarn
I missed Where Bloggers Create 2013


I sure hope I can blog more and maybe my life will be more of my time.

Monday, June 17, 2013

My summer is going fast
Hi where is summer going

I have been so busy this is what I have put aside for awhile
I have been sick a little I had work done on my teeth had to take antibiotic and they make me sick.
Also trying to down size or just get some of the things  I have out of the this house.We are going to put it with some one else and have a auction . We have a shed and have taken two pickup trucks full of things to a storage shed   with thing and still have not cleaned all inside my house .About ten years ago I bought a house trailer FULL of all kinds of glass wear , pottery and some furniture this trailer was so full there was only a small path you could walk,  it was a three bedroom every room was full .I have sold allot I had one auction and sold allot of my things.   I did keep allot of the McCoy pottery  and going to clean it out too. I have five bedrooms living, family inclosed deck inclosed patio rooms all full . I want to clean out it would be nice to have empty cabinets and closets  I'm going to put things in a box for each of my granddaughter  and not save so much. I'm having seven  quilt made out of old tee
shirts from college and trips.This is one my grandaughter for her birthday
 It will be christmas gifts. I'm also going to help my daughter clean hers too.
All so having a family get together this next week end .Have made some pendent for all the girls

My name was Zemliska so I made Z Hope they like them and do not think it is silly. Also hope I made enough  Also this is what I just made it is felted wool
So you see I have a had my hands full but will feel great when all done!!!

Please leave a comment so I know and what you think about the Z's