Friday, April 12, 2013

Nest/ Gifts / Bathroom

Hi Everyone 
Happy PS

Look what got in the mail
The package is wrapped so nice

This is the yarn nest it is a shabby chic nest
Victoria Boster 
 Is the one I ordered from
Trying to find the right spot for it 

I also received from my friend in Texas
Look what was in the box
So full ,lace, beads finished card and envelopes clothespins
DeeDee does so many things.I had pined the hat stand and she made it for me.

I have had a wonderful week. Been gone a few days  to Minneapolis I went to the Art institution .It was so nice to do something like this again it has been awhile to do this.
Then got back and got great news will talk about it later in summer if it all works out.

My bathroom is done after 71/2 months There was nothing different but every job they did it was wrong and had to do it again

This is before

Nothing fancy ,things I painted things I bought in Europe just happy it is done
Now I hope to get my family room some carpet.

Have a fun PS hope you leave a comment!!