Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hat lamp

Started thinking hats,feathers shabby chic
Went shopping yesterday found this white net , It is not really what I want to use will keep looking
I had the frame of a lamp , added fabric and net that was on it and the new net.
This is a night light lamp

The mannequin is one I bought on etsy a few years ago
The necklace I used feather , vintage pin and silk ribbon . The chain is two different necklace and a bracelet.

belt is vintage lace, silk flowers

  Hat pins  are a friend sent me .

Friday, June 26, 2015

My trip to Nottting Hill
What a fun place 
I could have spent a lot more time 

Thought the jackets was so cute on her

A few of the different booths

I think this is my last post of my London trip,
We did more but want to do some different things

I have had a trouble with my eye . The Dr. put me on prednisone ,I have been on before and it always make me sick. So have not done much, some painting and setting up a dinning room display, for at the beach
Joe 9 husband aunt died so he has been gone back to Pennsylvania, Have gotten a few things organized
nothing to crew
I will be gone a gain for a month to Portland Oregon going to stay with a friend, she has a lot planed will post        
This store has been in many movies
getting things ready to make a fabric memory  book  of my trip to London
stacks of pages
bought some roses they where so pretty
Had to save them so I'm hanging them

Just some pink

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pink Saturday at Selfridges

A painting it was in a art store

This is in the liquor department
The bottle so pretty pink

Can you believe someone 
can buy .
Some one must as they have to sell
would not carry if they did not

Did you ever watch 
Selfridge on netfex?
Sat here and had a glass of wine
Shopping at

The outside window of Selfridges

This is what I bought at Selridge
I have wanted a wooden hand for awhile 
 I have a few wooden wine box

More wine in pink

I liked this store
fun shopping
Watch Department
 more shopping
Way out of my shopping .fun to look

 These scarfs the cost 350.00
 Love this purse It was around 1000.00
There was a lot of people buying them
 I'm going to start making hats
My first order of supplies
Do not know if I will like 
It is not cheap,just this 74.00 dollars

Friday, June 19, 2015

Trip to friends house

Went to my friends house 
It is Kenmare about 40 miles from my house
My trip in North Dakota
from the highway about 20 minutes into the trip
in the middle of no where
Open two days a week 

 more road
almost to Kenmare
Went to lunch at the most unique 
flower shop/ lunch shop
It was so fun and lunch was wonderful will be back
As you open the front door
 They sell spring potting plants
I'm sure this was full of plants

For soup bread,coffee serve yourself
 The room I think was the vegetables 

 the start of our lunch
you picked your cup for coffee 
we pick unknown to us we pick matched cups
The pot had homemade bread I'm going to make the pots of bread

My friend paying and the owner 

After we left
(Tammi my friend had a baby buffalo that the mother was kill by lighting after birth)
she had it for about four months, bottle feeding it .At the four months the owner took it back to the herd
he said she was getting to close to it and would get hurt 
She called him Tonka. So the next stop was to see Tonka When we walked to the fence
they ran

This is Tonka he is sooooo big
We then on way to Tammi house
drove by the lake camping sight
This looks like someone fits a grain building to a cabin
 bridge over the like

Then our last stop before going home
Tammi house
She has many animal 
Her son love the animal too
baby chicks so cute

 Sons calfs think there is six

Not sure how many horses
One of her horses is at training class

She was a wild Mustang in the Badlands 
here in North Dakota
Tammi has done a lot of work with her

Way home
The lake
 Bee hives
 A abandoned barn
Hope you enjoyed my day trip
as much as I did

Back to London again