Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Painting day

Working on a picture of myself and my husband.Hope to finished tomorrow. Joe(my husband ) is laying a patio in my back yard. It is coming nice I had a patio off my family room and last summer we had it enclosed. Now it is a sun room and we wanted a patio some where to sit outside.
Did my walking and eat heathly today

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sewing and glueing

This is what I have been doing the last couple days.It is the color wheel display
I did the glass bowls awhile back and last week I made the dress and the quilt is one I bought In PA..from a Amish lady many years ago.I some of the time it is in my painting room or where I create.

I'm making a calendar with the dolls every month has a theme of the holiday of that month. This will be March St Pats day. I did the dress yesterday.Does she not look like a Irish girl.

The wreath for July is pages of a old dictionary copy's of post cards under is a fan ed pages and a stained lase flower.

I'm still working on furniture for Jessies apartment. She like black we got some end and coffee tables so now I painting them black. She has some furniture in her room and at collage. that is black When I was at Vito's I took some cabinet doors I'm also painting them chalk black I have a old mirror and doing that too. I will post when we get the apartment done.
I now need to walk to try and keep healthy

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pink Saturday # Eight

Happy pink Saturday

Thank You for Stopping By,Love the visit

My sweet Jillian was here with her sister for a couple day . She and grandpa made supper it was wonderful . A prime rib roast done prefect, baked potatoes grandpa job took out too early a bit hard, corn and a fresh fruit salad and ice cream for desert..Jillian loves to cook grandpa just told how to do it and she did. the roast she used a timer and season it . To night we did hair then she thought she wanted to sew so we made the bag and head band Her sister got one in New York so we made her one. now she is drawing me something.

this has bee a busy blog this last tow days sorority sisters ,wedding day and now pink Saturday. I hope everyone has a great week end. I know I will

I'm going to my cousins 50Th wedding party . Will see allot of family and friends.
It will be fun.

Happy Friday Weddings

Happy wedding day
As I sit here watching TV Amazing Wedding Cakes.
I have been married to the same man for 46 years this last May

The white hat is what I wore on my wedding day. I did wash it so it is not stiff

This is the dress I wore Most girls wore long white dresses .I did not have allot of money so I order this from the Sears catalog ,I think it was 12.00. I carried a hanky no flowers I had a courage of pink roses I had white shoes and purse .Do not know what I did with them
This is the gift my new husband gave me. My sister told him he had to buy me a gift.Most time it was the jewerly the bride wore to the weddding
My granddaughter used and like it for a wedding she went to.

This is a doll dress I made.
I used the fabric from my daughter first wedding .I bought in Washington
DC.I was there for a painting convention and after the convention. I went to see a sister that lived there
and went shopping and found it
I like the fabric so much I keep it. Last year I took it apart and did the dress. The shoe are the ones I wore with it.

This is my mothers wedding dress She was married in the 20's I have it in my white bedroom.

This jacket what my husband wore . It now remind me of the Amish . It was call nero
jacket very in at the time. I think my whole wedding was around 200.00 I had the reception at my mothers house. Joe was in the Air Force at the time .The wedding is a whole long story The wedding was two day after pay day and everyone was young ,Need I say more.

The bride dress was wore by jessie for a good friends wedding . The other dress is one I sewed
The flowers at her waist is for a necklace tied with ribbon

I was fun to bring the things out.
You can see I have keep allot of things My house is full.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sister Sorority

This is my finished Sorority project. It now sits in my craft room.I used some vintage lace and yarn.The letters spell sister It's on a string ribbon and buttons.The heart is a vintage quilt fabric. Flower is ribbons and pearl .There is a double pocket a dollies and fabric. There is a bottle cap,glass beads and small round dollies hang from the fabric heart. Also from the pocket is a vintage hanky stuck in the corner. The picture in the pocket can be taken out and used for somethings else or something put in it.Rhinestone and roses hangs from the corner of the picture. It is 12x13.

The rules also is you post a picture of your self with your project or what ever you did too. Here I am. Sitting like the Queen of the House.That is true I am.
My grandaughters are here for a couple day so Jillian thought this is what I should do.
Glad you can not see my gray hair,

Summer Swap!!!!!!!

My package came It was perfect for me J.Nichelle Holiday did great .Way more then I thought.

Look how fancy

Here is the lout Love it all

The shadow box is to die for. I have to do a display with it.

The book is sewing for doll ,I will use it for my glass things and pillows.

WOW WOW WOW How did she know. perfect !!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink Saturday The Seventh

Thank You for stopping by
I love to read the comments and I will go see you.

This is in a shop in the citys

It was so nice and clean.

This is a painting I did a few years ago .It was in a victoria magazine .My daughter has it now .I do not know what year it was.

Hope everyone has and fun and restful week end

End of week projects

This is a few things I did or finished.

I did do the dolls dress and jacket
and cage dolls. bird nests and the lamp shade.The gas can came from our family farm from 50 years ago. I painted it awhile back and never like the shade I had .I did curb shopping found a floor lamp.The shade was all a part I taped it , the base I used for a stand for a mannequin ,another part for a hat stand.Last night I tryed this and like it .The heart I had painted. I'm going to put tin things all around it .The pillows I just closed them.The hanger pocket sew it together, the hanger I got at the dollor store.
The tassel the doll is holding I did finish a few of them. I found the tops at Hobby Lobby and the thrift store. All so worked on the doll face where she had a mark on her cheek. I made the jacket out of some material I had from one I made myself.
The doll dress fit in to the display I have of things with the color wheel. The necklace I bought on Etsy.
I have a couple more dresses to sew.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Project done

Really do not like these cage dolls .They are so bad. I will next time model the face, a different cage smaller mold to start with and shape better. This is the first ones so will change allot of things ,They are not as ugly off camera Still bad the boby on camera show every bit of on even clay.I now will for sure buy a repodution one. They are tall , so I wanted one shorter. http://santo%20cage%20doll.com/ here is where you can see then.
Today has been trying one of my doll got a mark on her face . I'm going to go sew doll dresses.Hope it goes better.

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Projects

Thank you for coming by.
Hope you are have a good day!!!!!

I started the Santo Doll Cage.
It is my style. I'm going to do in primitive .Will do some painting on them. It is very different them the original s .Will get a reporduction one some time.
I have always used paper mache When I do tis type of craft, this Paper Clay is wonderful.
The size of the cage is about12x 3 .When it is done with the doll it will be another 6 inches Will be working on for a few days.

Also making bird nest I use scrapes of fabric, then put stiffener and mold in nest shape.
I use them in bird cages.Just little accent piece.When they are dry they stay stiff. I was using glue. I was at the thrift store yesterday and I bought the stiffener
hope it works better.

The egg is a paper mache.It is size of a quails egg .I painted the rose on it. I'm going to paint roses on the cage. This nest is about 3 inches. I make allot of different sizes .

My First Award

I was awarded It was awarded by Mosaic Magpie Thank You for thinking about me
The guildline for accepting the award
Thank the one that sent to you
Pass it on to 15 bloggers you like and think some one else will too
Also must tell 7 thing no one knows about me
1--I like antique over new
2-Lived in Virgina, Texas,Panama Canal zone,Pennsylvania and grew up in North Dakota
3-Just started sewing a few months ago.
4-Been married for 46 years. Was a child went I got married
5-I do not like to sleep under sheets
6-I love giving gifts
7- I do not like to quilt only like to buy the

Here is my Blogger I like

1woodtown whimmsies.blogspot.com



4http://Tin and Sparkle.blogspot.com

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15-http://Den Lell Lade.blogspot.com

If you have not been to these blogs You better go ,they are so creative

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pink Saturday The 6th One

Still time in Minneapolis

This is in the children's cloth store
At the Art show in Minneapolis
This is the cupcake shop When we

went shopping Sure glad I was not hungry everything was so pretty and good.
I was good only looked did not eat any.

This lady was ready for rain in here pink rain coat, and happy to pose for the picture.

Sorry for the picture But the window was nice.

The dresses are so cute .Would love them for my dolls.They are not cheap It was designer in this store. I love the balloon's ,I wonder how long they stay up?

This is Jillian my grandaughter .She went with us to the city's.The bench was wet she did not want to get a wet butt. She is so sweet Has fun with her .

I have been busy doing my project for the bloggerelle Sorority. I wonder who my room mate will be ? If we even have room mates . Not sure what we will do but I'm sure it will be fun. Hope to meet more bloggers.

Did my walking while I was on the phone .I did not walk as fast or burn as many calorie but it sure seem to go fast. Did eat good today .

Hope on Wed. My wieght in day. I have lose some thing .We will all know.

Jessie Birthday the 12Th tomorrow's will have to watch at the party time.


The weather is so rainy. Would like to know when spring is going to be here . It is hard to get in the mood to do anything . With it so rainy and cloudy. Maybe this week will be better.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The big city time

Our drive to Minneapolis
Started our trip to Bismarck. Went to the thrift store.I found allot of fun thing for my vintage swap partner. She like aqua. I was surprised I found some.

Then next day went to Minneapolis love that city.
My son house was back to the rafters in the kitchen the other rooms the floors are to the wood. They are getting wood and tile.

When we got to his house we help him picked the old cabinets he could use in the garage someone was coming to get the ones he didn't. I took a book case and large cabinet to use in my garage. Now we have to clean our garage. More work.

Saturday Jillian and me my 10 year old granddaughter left for the Art Show in Edina .It was raining .I thought we could go to the General Store and hope the rain stops.The store has a little of every thing.

We left still raining when we left. Stop at the art store I needed some chalk. I was in a candy store. Did the shopping off to the art show still raining.

I was driving my daughter in laws car She had a umbrella it was not in good condition. But it keep us out of the rain.

Stopped for lunch The whole week end eat way too much. ( did good today)

Found my favorite booth Like her things I have been buying her things every year. She has the best humor.
The rain was too much so we left.I did allot of Pink Saturday pictures.
I did not notice all the pink before I started blogging.
I'm trying to pay attention to detail.

I drove back to Excelsior it is a small town . They have a nice primitive antique shop. It was the first antique shop Jillian was in and she loved it . Now I know someone will want my things. Got home about 6:00
Sunday went to see Kathryn dance it was nice .

Started home stop at some Antique shop.Jillian likes tea cups and got a couple she also bought gifts for her family.The jewelry for mom,

Today I went to painting Worked on this still have allot to do. I was going to make it bigger but did not have the right paper.Outfit is from her dancing.It was my favorite dance.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My new commtment

I'm going to get back on my diet and eating healthily I will post my weight each week
I will weigh in every wed. this is my new commitment.Last June I went in to ER and had to anagram there was not anything wrong .The Dr. said if I would eat heartily, lose weight get to my cheerleader weight .I would not die of heart problems. I started at 197 .I'm trying to get to 157.I have not been walking and been eating some junk.
Back from the city had a nice time I will post the trip
I feel a little tried It is great to be home.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm off to the big city's

We are going to the minneapolis in the morning there is the art show in Edina I have been to it the last few years and love it

I'm in the vintage swap so get to shop more for her.

I went to the thrift shop here in bismarck got some great finds.Her taste is different so it is fun to look at things different. This so fun Thank You Heide.

It has been a great for getting my creative juices going again .

I found these blank doll at the thrift I'm going to try some dolls now.

Need to try something new.

No pictures today. Will post I get home.