Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday 18

Went to mass
 Last week there was a Cardinal as the priest
  I thought maybe this was his church
This week he was not there
 It was so pretty last week
 The man that lead the singing had a wonderful voice

This is by the holy water

 We did not eat There was a couple earring them asked they said I liked them said it tested like cavier
Do not like that so know I would not like that
 This is what we had deep fried potatoes with sauce ,cheese with sauce and chicken deep fried and chips .
It was call Mexican and Morroco 
It was all good It is a half order
 Ater we left on our way for our walk 
we saw them caring a float
There is 50 men caring it 
It is almost like a dance when they walk

 Look how close

 At the beach
Last time we went to see what was done on the sand castle .Some one had run over it
it was broke and tire tracks where there . They just put the sand back and almost made a grave with flowers stones
 The sea was rough from the storm coming in . Never saw the water so high
I think I have all the sea glass I can get it is so heavy.
 Got back to apartment side  a ship was in  port
  we watched it when we at the beach
sremind more of panama
My sister is coming today hope I can keep up

staturday 17

Went to wonderful gallery
It is a covereted prison

I like these painting
 A lot of this work
 Very primitive I liked the angels
 The best for me was about 20 Molas
when we lived in Panama many years ago
They are made there by the native Indians.They are layers of fabric in the designs
I have a few really like the colors

After went to a neat little cafe for tapas
One of the paintingsin the cafe they had a lot of nice ones
 food was good , I had stuffed pepper with rice
Joe had tuna cooked in limesAnd soup made in this pot outside 
He loved it  very spainish  

walked 4.04

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 16 / tangles

It is still rainy
So we walked in the rain
This at the port where the ships come 

 Parks we walk

 Went and looked at the sea with the rain Did some sea glass getting only a few pieces
Found a bottom of a beer can will be good to work with.

going to look for shell to use in jewelry too

 Had lunch here fish and frys

With it rainy not much to do so wrapped  a piece of sea glass, do not like the wire will do mor with less wire 
may be in the giveaway
Also have been doing some tangles .Now I need to shade them
 They a nomally done in ink ,I like a pencil  .
Have not taken class only one so mine are probably wrong ,It is sure good to do to past the time

Made pizza
fish and chips good

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wed lent Day 14 in Cadiz

Day 14
It has been raining
So the hot chocolate with fried dough  
was good but messy

We where just walking like we do a lot of 
came to this open door and here was this statue these  palques
 was on the wall out side

 I wanted to see the ocean with the storm and rainy. So dark

 It was wed. they have Lent en mass so the churches where open
After mass they work on the floats ( do not know what to call them) they carry in the parades for holy week. Samana Santa . they are very large and heavy.

This is one of the altars in a church
we went in
they are wonderful
So very old

 Onr they are getting ready
 this was about 9:00 and they are just starting must work late
This is all silver
This one is carved wood
 Men there is about 30 or 40 most in bear feet that carry them
thied to get a picture what is under ,what they hold on to 

 The silver is something else
Walk 5.81
Pizza the best a Italian gal

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 13 tile

This is one of the paintings on the fish market wall
How I feel today
cause it is rainy

Yester day was a rest day and movies 
Lucky for you tube
The only kind of home I have seen are apartment.I'm sure there are large ones 
I have only been in some like back home 
Most of them have a hall wall to apartment in them allot have it tiled
Here is a few of the ties 
I will take more picture for when I do Zentangle
Great shape to start with 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday 11 day

Went to mass at the large cathedral  
It was so nice they had a man playing a violin and a gal with a guitar
This is one of the side altars all silver 
The Priest was a Cardinal
It was the best singing I have heard at Mass

 One of the angels on the altar
Alter mass we went to the Flea Market
This what I got this week 
For making jewelry
We had lunch by the fish market It was so good. After we told the waiter it was so good .
The chef came out and told us  if we bought the any kind of fish in the market he would cook it for us
We will before we leave here.
Came home and watch movies in You tube
I worked on Hand work I also worked today
Just small coasters