Friday, April 30, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hi. Welcome!!!

I'm a May Day baby !!!!!

That means it is my birthday today. I am 64 years old and still do a lot like when I was 46. If I knew how, I would have confetti flying all over this post. I love birthdays. As long as I'm not sick, let them come.

This is my PS.....

It is the still life I finished Wednesday. A few years ago we took some objects, sat them by a window, then took pictures. This is one we took . The lamp is so nice. The shade is a sea shell. It is my friend's. Trying to talk him out of it. Not going too good. The painting is done in pastels.

I hope you all have a fun SP.... I know I will!!!!!

Pink Saturday

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Things

Hi everyone,

Dinner last night was so much fun.

Going to have friends over more often.
we all had so much to talk about the night just flew by.

Here are some Picture I took today.

" Copy of a Painting"

Can any one help???

I do not know how to move my old post off , and not lose them. Is there a sight to go?

How do you copy links to my blog? I have "Blogging for dummy" and have not seen any thing yet.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm back--

It has been a few days and I have not been able to post . Our computers have not been working and still are not all working. Calling the phone company...

I have been doing it a lot.

Worked in the yard, made some tassels, and even did a little cleaning... not much. I do not want to get this house too clean. Put some plates up in the patio. Changed some doll clothes. Put mattes on some of the finished paintings. Also framed my grandma's confirmation certificate. It is over 120 years old .
We bought a vintage moving cart at a auction awhile back .I started cleaning it. It has dirt coated on the wheels. It now sits in a tub of water (hope it does not snow) . After I get the dirt off , I will seal it, put some kind of wood on it and use it for a coffee table. Not sure if I want it painted with something on it or just stain it. Maybe apples or mixed flowers. Will do it in oils.
Tomorrow I go paint with Vern. Will finish my pastel still life. Then having some friends over for dinner .They are leaving for a new job in Italy on Friday. Maybe I can go see them . I will get there again some how.
I'm still doing my new recipes. Made chicken with sour cream and buttermilk. Also, sour cream and cheese potatoes... alot of cheese. They were okay. Will not make again. It was way too much money for the taste. Also made Joe a special dessert...custard with a caramel sauce. (Flan Cr'me Caramel). Turned out great. At least Joe said so! Made some cookies...chocolate and chocolate chips. They are okay.
I'm learning more about blogs. Will work on this .

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hi ,

Thank You for coming by.

These two dolls are from my collection of Annette Himstedt dolls . I have about 14 different ones and one set of twins. They are so much fun to sew for and change their clothes. I sewed the dress on the right.The sweater on the left was Jillian's when she was small.

I have had the dolls for about five years.

I had wanted them for years before. This is in my paint craft room.

They are not cheap.

Went to Europe a few years ago and I found one in Germany. I did not want to mail it back to the states ( no idea why). I wanted to carry it on the plane with me.Well, it was too big and I had two suitcases to check , so had to pay $100.00 for another suitcase.

Now it has a broken arm. Had it sent to Denver, Colorado to get it fixed. Now have to pay $90.00 get it back. It had a broken arm before but I fixed it. Could not this time . This doll was not a good deal.

The pink candles, I saw in Pier One when I was in Fargo last week end . I love the pink. The fragrant was nice.

Hope everyone has a great Pink Saturday.

This are some of the things I bought at the craft show a few weeks ago. A dolls head band, hat pin, small hand crochet shoe with feather in it. The doily is also handmade. The lady said it took her 15 minutes to make them this size . There is also a small paper tag.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have been gone.
Went to Fargo.
Fun with the girls
Did some shopping .
Will write more later.
My computer is getting fixed again.
Hope it works this time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

White Wedesday #1

Hi Welcome
come in

My First White Wednesday #1
I did not realize I had so many things white. Last summer we had our patio enclosed and I did it shabby chic, also white bedroom and bathroom with a lot of white.
When I was younger, me and my sister had pretty hands, long thin fingers and nice shaped finger nails. My granddaughter have them now . So I started collecting hands. I have a few different ones, of different shapes and colors and materials. I'm sure I will post them at different times .
The shoes are from my dolls. I collect Annette
Himstedt dolls. I have about 18 different dolls and one set of twins. There is a Santa head and a fake cupcake. The white blanket is from the auction I was at Sunday. It was in a box with some more baby outfits, along with the rabbit and the thread.

The is a beach in or around Atlantic City. When my husband retired, we took a trip up and down the East Coast .We were gone six weeks. He is from Pa.
Our car was "full to the max"!! I had a friend that I went to see in Europe and she now lives in Virginia. When she came back to the states, she had my things I bought over there, in with her things. so I had all them. Plus, there was a place going out of business that sold Nantucket baskets. Boy, I went crazy.
These are my white supplies . Could have found a lot more. There are canvas Matt boards, white glass, pastel sticks , and on and on.
Will visit everyone that makes a comment. Laura

Monday, April 12, 2010

Put Away Day

Welcome .

Happy Birthday Jillian
To Day Jillian is 10 years old today.

I have been putting away all the things I won at the auction yesterday. Here is a picture of the things that I bid on and that I wanted to win. Some of it was in the boxes. One of jewelry boxes is like the one I had when I was in school, except mine was blue. There was a little pendant with red stones of a flower and green leaves , set in gold. The Santa is a Russian , red rabbit doll is a Marie Osmond , bear is a Hermann from Germany.
Will use more for pink Saturday.
My foot is starting to hurt again. I will need to call the Dr. again.
Waiting for a book I won on Ebay (Dummies for blogging). I have so many questions . I'm sure you can tell.
Tuesday is my day for painting. Working on a still life of a picture I took a long time ago . I'm still looking for some more pictures of windows I took in Europe. I took so many of windows and bathrooms. They are different from here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The auction

What a auction this lady had. She must have sat all day and watched and ordered from QVC. She had tables of things. Every collectible you can think of ... Fenton, Belleek, Hummel, Royal Copley, Capodimonte it, McCoy, lladro Royal Doulton plates......
Everything was so clean. Just bring it home and use it. No need to clean.

I also won some hand work.One of pieces of handwork is needle point , one is needle punch and one is embroidery (at the lake). They were in the bottom of a box .There is also two small boxes of wood spools of thread .

In Victorian day when some one died they would take some hair and make decorations with some of the hair. There is a crown made from it. It is by its self and on the chair I have never seen one like this. I will use it on a mannequin or a hat stand till I find a nice head statue

She must have had twins . There are two of the same baby outfits .I think they may fit my dolls or bears. Maybe I can have the dolls be twins I have twoof the same doll .
I did get a chair for my living room .It is not the fabric I like, but will keep it till I find fabric I do like.
Ther ewere was bears and dolls. Will show one . I will show them later.
Some of the gals I had in painting class were there. I have not talked to them in a long time .
All and all it was great day
I spent allot of money but could have done more . I really need to stay home or leave joe at home, he never lets any thing go if he or me want it we get.
There is not a thing I like better to do then go to auctions

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The big One

THANKS EVERYONE , that has been to visit and all the complements. It is so nice to hear.This blogging is so fun
I would like to learn to use my camera better, so I'm going to try and do the alphabet with pictures . My first will be the I plan to do Apples. So I hope to start tomorrow
My new receipe is going to make cream cheese bars

Here is a picture of the things I bought at the craft show. The booties and dolly was made one lady her table was full every color .
There is also a hat pin by the same lady that did the framed picture. Her booth was so very nice. The pink is a filled shoe
Went to supper with my sisters To a small town by the lake ,Riverdale ,dinner was at a old school done over .
Tomorrow is Sunday and We are going to auction There is allot listed in the news paper
Buzy day

Friday, April 9, 2010


This is my first pink Saturday. It is hard to pick as I have allot a pink. I just finished the pillow wed. for pink Saturday

This is a small pillow 6x8. Here is how it came to be

My friend is well known artist here where I live . He went to Greece a few years ago and took this picture . He came home and painted it. He sold this painting at one of the art shows we did, to a lady that lived in Oregon. A few months ago she passed away and he received it back. He cleaned it up . He was going to Florida to find a gallery that would sell his work .Before he left I took a picture of it. He went to Augustina Florida and a gallery said they would sell his work so he left the painting ,now it is wanting a new home the painting is maybe 16x20 not to big or too small I think the name of the gallery is "Absolute" (like the vodka) .If any one lives there You could go and see and let me know If it is there .They where going to frame so do not know if they did. I went to the thrift shop and there was a bag of flower parts so I bought them . When I got home they matched the pillow . The second picture is the back

I hope you all enjoy it . When I get twenty followers and thirty comments that person will get it as a giveaway.

I went to the craft show today found some nice things from a gal that is from Montana. I want to go again. Today my foot hurt so bad, I had to leave and went to Dr. something with the nerve was getting rubbed .Gave me a shot in it . So I will go back tomorrow to the show if my foot is okay. If this does not work will have a shot again or will need surgery . I have to have it okay for Little Falls. Last year is when it started .Today it was the worst it has been. . It was fun to see people I never see I need to go out more If I had not been with Jeany I, would not have went to the Dr. She said I had it too long ,she sat with me .What a nice friend. I will post picture after I get home tomorrow, what I bought at the show . Laura

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sewing day

Cut out doll dresses Sewed the lining for the cart

The Big One craft show is this week-end I'm thinking about trying it out at the show

I'm going hope they have something new

No new reciepes to night just left overs .

Started the liner it went together pretty good

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Thank You for coming to visit
Make a comment and I will get back to you
We had a great holiday watched allot of movies.Here is the ham pie. It is so good . Joe did a good job
Easter was allot of fun
ate way too much.Went way too fast.
Fun with the girls went shopping with Jessie for school
Anita had a young man over for dinner he is from overseas ,very nice boy
It sure makes you appreciate our country we have so many rights and privileges
It is nice to be home
Received a order I won on eBay
It is a peach bodice it came from France, I changed one of my dolls I put it on the outside of the dress like a vest. I think I will frame it later and use it in my white bedroom.She is standing by the roses I painted

Did not do much Italian .Joe's cousin the one from Italy called left a message and I understood a couple words.

Signed up for the trip to Little Fall show in the fall today .Now I'm going to start the lining for my shopping cart . That I will use there. I got the cart last year. I have some material I can use it is nice and wide .It is so handy

Now that the Easter is over I'm going to try and get some paintings for the gallery I'm in .The gallery is in Montana. They like small one will need to do that now. will take them in May so have time to get them done

When shopping with Jessie got more material for doll dresses Have that to do too.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I hope everyone has a peaceful holiday.
Have had nice time with my family will stay for a couple days . Jillian will be here later in the day. Jessie saw her box and I think a little surprised.
Joe made pizza or ham pie last night very good
Watched Pretty Woman last night love that movie
Have a great day

Thursday, April 1, 2010

a day of roses

Ciao,( Hello)

Coma Va ? (how are you/) my Italian for the day

I painted most of the day. Painted roses, wanted to use lace with the canvas do know how yet, have to think about. If any one has a idea let me know

The frames I have had for a long time .The one on the easel is from the dollar store.

There is a wood basket The handle is either tulips or roses .

I still have more wood piece with roses on them . Hope to use them in my shabby chic room

Getting ready to for Easter. We are going to make Pizza (ham Pie) at Anita 's it will be fun with everyone helping

The cheeseburger soup was wonderful here is a picture of it .No new recipe tonight.

Going to celebrate Easter

Hope to checkout thrift shop in Bismarck too or Real Deals