Monday, July 30, 2012

Skating / Jewerly

I'm getting ready for New York, want to skate at Rockfellow Center Do not want to fall there. Did allot of skating when I was young, So hope to get back to stand good!! The picture of the jewelry I have been doing. I need to get back to crafting

Thursday, July 19, 2012

White Party 

Here is where White in July!

WOW WOW!!!!!
Let's eat cake
 Few things I made

 My family room more things I make
 Favorite word
 Building roofs in Spain

 My sun room I have allot cups of coffee in here
 Window in Cadiz Spain
 Painting of my Granddaughter Jillian
 A store in Spain everything was white All age and sex
Entertainment on a street in Cadiz Spain

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Friday, July 13, 2012



have some coffee or tea 
take a look Spend some time.
This is where I spend allot of time 

There two ducks are the whole reason I started painting

where I cut fabric
Also laundry room

Enter the main part of the paint room (as we call it).

where I sit you can tell I'm not very neat.

Sitting in my thrown
 Across from my thrown the closet is full
 this looking at the other way the back of the room

A little closer 
This is the hall at the end of the paint room,my printer 
 my music player and where I stack things
finished inventory and my collection of hands

things done in hall

 things sitting in the paint room

 The bird houses I had published in craft magazines a few years ago.
When decorative painting was popular

 The first thing I had published. " The Couple"

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fourth of July ,Tops in Blue

Some of my favorite colors----- RED WHITE and BLUE

Went to the Tops In Blue
If you have not been to one of there show you must go.
They danced and sang for two hours. then they had to take the stage down after they had put it up.
then they get in a bus to the next show.
Our armed force is wonderful. These kids in Tops in Blue  are in the Air Force but all the branches great. This country is so lucky to have them all
Here is some of the acts