Monday, February 10, 2014

Santo and watch handwork

Hi ,
Been watching the Olympics
They are so fun to watch for me.
they work so hard to get there
Hope your day is pink or red

I have made these so many ways 
Your valentine from me

Trying to keep up with posting and to stay off Face book, I waste way too much time there.

I did handwork this in side a watch case .It is a necklace or as I did hang it on a lampshade.

I copied these paper clay off pinterest , mine are little  different.
 I like to use paper clay
 I made some very tiny dolls but they sold. Will make more and post , today I will make and paint then show .Does any one know where to find swaps or who is having one ?

Hope I start to get more comment and meet some new friend, 
I have meet wonderful friends.