Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

HI Everyone
American doll store at the mall of America

Here is my holiday.

We had no tree at home this is at my sons house .So this is Christmas tree

It was a wonderful holiday,the birthday,25Th anniversary and Christmas

When my daughter open her birthday present it was empty I got the boxes mixed up.that was the start of gifts.I had wrapped my daughter present we took to Minneapolis for her.When they handed out the gift Christmas morning, one of the nieces from her was missing a gift. Joe went and looked in the truck it was there.I got my granddaughters a Pod Nana wrong color everything will be fixed.

This is the trees after the snow in Minneapolis after Christmas it snowed during the time in Minneapolis.

This is a skate my son had when he was young.Son and daughter in law liked it

and was surprised .Going to do one for myself .

These are the pillow I made for the 25Th anniversary.The pink fabric is from the dress I wore to my parents 25TH anniversary I was very young 8 or 9 years old .

I did a silver tree with 25 , quarters
The cake was chocolate with raspberry filling
Cream frosting. Sooo good. Punch was a fruity and ginger ale
Also very good

This is a small cottage next to a house by my sons house. I want one in my back yard.We hope to build a shed this summer .
Do not know where to find that kind of wood. Do love it
Went to the Mall of
America This is in the mall The decoration where very pretty

The trees where very tall They went for a couple floors .Went to the mall two times The day before Christmas and the day after. Like I said before what we do for grand kids

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Times

On our way to the big city's.Minneapolis
Going to take the granddaughter to the Mall of America.
I must be crazy, the mall will be nuts a day before Christmas.
What I do for the granddaughters.
Hope to take allot of pictures for you that have not been to the mall.It is so big!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

things in my sun room

I want summer!!!!!!!!!

I'm making one for Jillians candle too

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Celabration time

What time
My daughter birthday Dec 24Th
My son and his wife Dec 27 there 25Th wedding anniversary My son lives in Minneapolis.I have planed a small party just some family,I ordered a cake
will make a punch there .I did not know what to get them so I started with these small pillow .Copied the two pictures .There colors for there wedding was red there was pine green and red roses in her flowers so tryed to kind of copy them on one pillow. I had the announcement from
the news paper and copied that sew that on one of the pillows I made the pink flowers out of the dress I wore to my parents 25TH anniversary party ,about 60 or more years ago .

When we where out east a few months ago my daughter boughtcandle with color for the packers football colors .So I'm making candle matts for the packer's and the vikings. Then the candles can sit on them. I just liked the colors of the blue

I won a few months ago a package of fabric ,trim,charms and beads .I have started to usw the things. Do not know what I will make from it when I'm done ,it is about 6 inches sq .Any ideas?

This was my sons skate when he was younger. I painted holly and berry's ,then put some floral things and a welcome light in it. Going to give to him for Christmas. He is so hard to give him gifts.Like almost all young people they get what they want.They have allot more money then me.
It looks a bit like junk in the picture , but I think it is nice. When it is dry I will play around with
I'm seeing allot better.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hope to be buzy this week

Hi Everyone
How is everyone

Here is a few things I'm going to work on this week. It will be a book to hold my ATC's .There is some Paris things every page will be different. I will do allot on the sewing machine then by hand too .

This is the fabric for a table cover for out on my patio I have had this fabric.At one time I wanted it on my deck I was going to do it like the 40's I no longer have a deck .We had it enclosed and it is now country red .
This next summer going to work on my yard.I have allot of ideas for it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fast Week

Hi Everyone

This week has gone so fast

I still cannot see so good. I found some reading glasses it helps allot . The Dr. said it would take awhile.

I have two of the traveling goat . I finished what I'm adding.They will be flying off to Canada and Australia. This is so fun . I hope I get into more swaps. If anyone hears of one let me know.

This is what I sent to Yukon Territory. It sure looks like a rabbit. I wonder what it will look like when it comes back.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home again

I'm home again

I had surgery day before thanksgiving went to my daughters for thanksgiving There was a storm had to stay a extra day. Went to the Dr. Wed Had other eye Thursday Was going to have my eye checked Friday morning .My sister call my brother in law Eldon had passed away in the night.She lives in the city where my daughter lives ,so off we went again.I'm home now for awhile. It sounds bad but we had some fun most of our family was there and laughed allot.

Still cannot see to great. I have two of the goats here and will be working on them.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm done with one eye Went great my eye color is so green, do not know if the color will stay.I was not knock out so I could feel allot and see some color changes and hear what they where saying . It is all amazing how our boby work.

There is storm here in ND. Hope we can get to my daughters she lives 125. miles away.

Where o where is the goat??? Last I know it was on the way to the yukon. It may have hit a snow storms


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hi everyone
My ATC came today it is so cool and dainty
All so there was some gifts --charms key ring (fish) very nice sea shells also some sand in a small jar. I'm going to use it as a necklace with one of my glass fuzed .

Donna had it packaged in nice striped tin.

I'm going to have it all sit in a fabric nest I made
The colors match great .
Tomorrow going to have surgery on my left eye I have cataract . Then couple weeks I will the other one done
It will be awhile till it is all over.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have not had a computer for too long .
Could not get any wireless. The only thing good about it is I cleaned and got things cleaned out A friend is have a garage sale this summer . I'm giving it to her for it. There is boxes of things I no longer want.
I had a feather tree up and it started to tip I took it down and put the things away. Do not think I will have a tree ,May do one for my daughter.Will be gone allot before Christmas and my house is clean
I have done too many tree for other peoples . Maybe next year.
I have everything done I will not do any baking
Gifts are wrapped cards are addressed. I think the older you get it harder to get in the holiday mood.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Buzyb Buzy


I'm in a mess!!!!!
I have been still cleaning I have a mess around here.This is just some of the rooms
I want some space around here. It will be nice when all done.

ng I Going to put this stuff in a shop here in town
besides pricing I need to package it all . Hope it sells.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday
How is everyone?
I do not know why but i seem to be trying to make up and make piece with different ones.
I'm also cleaning my house of junk I think it is junk. My friend is having a sale in the spring and she is taking it for that.
Then will start decorating for Christmas.and cleaning out there.

Hope you make a comment.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Craft day

I tried to make grubby plastic covered battery candles and it worked Do not like the flowers.

Taking down Halloween things down. Now start thanksgiving and Christmas.

I'm getting my goat for his trip to Canada

The swap for the stitching goat. This will be fun

Kind of looks like a rabbit.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hi Everyone,
Happy Halloween
It is so cold for the trick or treader. Here are my trick or treader's
It is the pictures I used for Oct in my calendar.
Are they not the cutest?

This is my holiday display

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hi Every one,
Cancer Month
This candles if great,is so pretty

We went to the factory that made these candle they are so pretty everly one of them they have all kinds of themes

They drill the center and you can put a oil lamp in it.
Have a great week end.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wonderful weather in North Dakota

This is my back yard today.There is wonderful weather here in North Dakota.I'm sure it will melt by the week end ,if not it sure will be a long winter.

Worked on my Dec. ATC. Now I need to
think of and do Nov's.

I will start next week decorating homes for the holidays.I have had calls but I'm only doing one so far. It is not fun any more I have done business and half dozen homes years before.I do plan to do my house. I also want to organize and just keep what I like and use.I hope to get some nesting done this winter.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi everyone.
I'm back to crafting still some ironing to do.
Joe can get it all done fast enough for me.I think every thing I wear needs it.
This is what I'm working on
Here is a few things I have done with wool.
I have a allot of the penny rugs

Iworked on these in the car and sitting around while we where gone.
The Crazy Quilts sq. are small I did about five I have just used them in art cards hope to try something different they all different sizes. My picture are not that good. I need to practice