Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years

Happy New Year!!  I just know 2013 is going to be great
Here is a party window in
Milan Italy .I think they look like a party time.
Bright and fun.

Hope everyone has a great year.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas

Why do we stay in this cold place?

Had a wonderful Christmas
Went to Montana,weather home was not good snowed and ice.

Everyone is on way home
It is alway so sad after everyone leaves

On to different things
Need to clean house ,Change furniture around,
Start to down size furniture
I have so much I want t clearner look
Getting new carpet in  a hall and one bedroom and a new bathroom.
I have started my closet .If I had paint on it or didn't wear it much out it went.
Now onto the closet shelves

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mackenzie Childs/ Mannequin

While in New  York
 Things in the store at Mackenzie Child's
Walls where painted a landscape

 Mackenzie Child's store
 Love there product
I bought napkins and a bird ornament

I covered a mannequin

 I used one napkin and the bag( the wings) they put in what I bought
The bow at the waist .The handle from bag. 
Also used few other things I bought while in NY.
 Used a napkin,heart, bird from the ABC store there.
 I used  a map napkin of Manhattan for the base of the mannequin
The small pillow is from Trading Tinsel

Monday, December 17, 2012

Jessie's grad.

Here is my granddaughter
She received diploma
from North Dakota
So proud
 Now to find a job and find her place in this big world.

It seems alot happens this month 
Son was married Dec 28
Daughter was born Dec 24
Now a Graduation 

We where on our way to graduation .When we stopped to eat lunch and heard
about Ct. What a terrible day for them. Hope they find a way home
Will keep praying for the families

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dec. project Santa's snack

Here is the Dec projects
Snack for Santa
"Creative Paperclay® modeling material" 
acrylic paint
White ( egg)
straw(toast& egg)
brown (toast)
Black( egg)

Roll out the white of the egg
roll a ball for the yoke then flatten to shape of yoke
Roll our flat then trace a toast pattern cut out.I made mine thin put can be the same a toast.

Use a sponge to make a texture for toast
Just tap on clay
When dry paint, it is good to have a piece of toast by you to copy

I sprinkle a little powder on surface so nothing sticks
Roll out the white of the egg I like it to be on even and splits 
Roll another  ball for the yoke then flatten to shape of yoke and press to white part.

When dry paint white,
 yoke yellow
Sprinkle with black for pepper
Place on your favorite place.
I did the sign to explan the egg and toast keeping warm.
Hope you like the project.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Start of trip of New York

Hi everyone
Happy Pink Saturday

This is me in New York. This is where to skate Sure different from here where I do my skating .
Loved it there hope to go back some day.Will have to save.Went day and night,Weather was wonderful.

This is a window at the Minneapolis airportThey had great windows
This is in Macy's in NewYork.
So many on the 9th floor 

 Awindow in New York, love the products There candles are best

I was going to have a giveaway. But have had comments so have cancled it.Sorry