Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mt Hood /Lavender

To a lavender festival at Mt Hood
This is on the way there .
It was a wonderful ride

The festival
 I cut three bunches
 The vendors .It was So warm I did not even look
I cut my lavender and we left

 We saw these towel at many places

 View from  the lavender field 
This is some of the pear trees by the road to the lavender fields

Stopped at a great antique mall 
I really wanted that small cabinet on the left side

It was almost time to close when we got there .
What we saw was nice.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Paint class / Bakery Ribbon/ sand


Hope every ones week end was good
mine sure was

I was very busy

Friday went to Portland 
Went to my favorite shop here
 I had to get some ribbon 
for my crazy quilts
And so many ideas
here is a couple

After shopping went to a Sand Building contest
It was amazing 

On the way back  found this 
French Bakery
It was nice and the pastes was good also.

 Stopped to have a glass of wine and they where going to have a painting class.
They called it Pop & Paint

We sat and drank our wine and watch them paint
 here they started

Thursday, July 16, 2015

French Festival 3


I told them I was blogging  about Paris in July
 They gave me a flag to use

 In side one of the Gallery's is where they had booth selling things
All was french
 She also had lavender wands and small bags and linens With these vintage prints
 She was from Provence France
 Samples of french mustard
 My friend (I'm the tall one)
I bought the dress in Spain it had Tower  on it
We are in front of a Dale Chahlly Glass work


 This gal was from Paris .I found a few things ,
She is working on a web sight .She is so pleasant
With a very French accent
 They had people fencing in side and out

This is some of the venders

 Just setting eating and listening to the music
 As we leave is this Church on the corner
Out side the gallery There was things for children to paint

 This is in the Gallery gift shop
It wa a very nic gift shop

This when we where leaving a cross the street   neat little Church

What a Wonderful day  Please leave a comment

Beads portland trip2

 There has been a lot of french this pass week

First went to a bead sale it was fun
So many bead This glass branch was hanging in the hall

I will be making these for my crazy quilts and my memorie books
some finished things


 There was one booth that had some vintage things and it is from France

Monday, July 13, 2015

Portland shopping 1

First days in Portland and Newburg
It was so nice 

 It is very dry here on our way lunch
 Lavender field out side Newburg
 At lunch on the roof
 Went to a vegetable market

went home with supper and wonderful  fruit

One of the turn tables I bought.
It is the top of a wine barrel

First days in Portland
Nice fabric store 

 Floweres out of wool