Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sea glass heart

Last day here in Cadiz 
Will be in Madrid tomorrow 
Then back to the States
My birthday is May 1st.
Will be home for that.
By the way I live in North Dakota USA
 I still have a few days I did things so will post them too
Thank You for all the  comments
 I will total when I get home 
Let you know who won the give away

Went to beach
found some sea glass
the edges where are still sharp
Left them there 
Took a lot of pictures 
Of the heart I made

 Painted this boat last time 
the water was way out
Love this flamingo dress
It was a slow walk
Hope I come back again

Good by from Cadiz
waked 4.5 miles

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The count down is on 
ish ish ish
The time went so fast
Six more days
 Then home again home again
Went to the puppet museum It was nice never been to any thing like it

Friday, April 24, 2015

Pink Saturday/ park

Hi pink Satruday
Went to the park
The flowers are lovely
All the greens look like a rain forest

 Window in Sevlla fancy dresses
And also a lot of money
 There was the cute little dolls  on the pink stool next to the dress
Here is the  pink bedding

Different window 
They are in a small decorating shop 

walk 3.56

Sevella fair / Truffle /gallery

Went to Sevella fair
It had small rooms that families have and invite family and friend
Some have bands ,dancers and food and drinks.
They are all decorated different 
Mainly like a fancy living room,wall are painted , lace hanging with different things on the walls
All where very full with people
the dresses where fun to see all the 
From 6 months to 80 had them on 
Mother and daughter matched
every combination 

 Like our fairs they have food booths and carnival rides
 Then went to plaza de Espana I was beautiful 
Spent some time there
 Then we went this wonderful
 The only way I will wear a flamingo dress
Everyone other women had one on that day
 They where doing  there dance 

 This is a train that goes around the city
 First time I have had the truffle flavor
It was in the mashed potatoes
 Stopped in a craft/ art gallery
things where very nice

 I liked the clay people in a tuna can
walk 6.88

dancer/ Fish market

Walked around with the kids
This one of the hospitals 
they are in the most unexpected place.
 Stopped for coffee
 In a canves shoe store every size of them
They had this on the wall
 Ater shopping time for lunch
We went to the market each of us picked some kind of sea food 
It was so good  

Hope to do again this is salmon
love it
 After shopping went to the 
To the flamingo dancer
Last time I was here I took pictures and painted it 
The same girl  was dancing so we showed her. She sure liked it 
Now jessie wants a something to go with it.Like a fan and or flower
Was a fun day 
Next day the swedes went back to Sweden

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Girls/silver purse/ leather

Saturday stay in apartment cleaned ,got the bed done

Today went to church the cardinal was there

Found a leather shop wonderful leather work 
the purses are  so nice I liked the one 
laying on the  table 
They would last forever
I have so many
The shop was the size of a closet

On the walk to the sea
girl wanted there picture
Jessie is in the middle
Carly right end
Eva the blond she is from Sweden
She was a exchange student at Jessie's house in high school.
 Have become great friends 
We hope to get to 
Sweden to visit them she has been to US a couple times
She will be here only couple days.
But will see her in London again

In the park 
My favorite thing in the park
I even bought a charm of this
Went to the flea market There was a lot of things this time
Bought this small silver purse it is only 3x2 inch so sweet.
The kids did care for the market so we left.
One more time before we leave
Day is still going

Walked 3.56

Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Pink Satruday
Easter Sunday the cardinal small cap is pink

 Candy store
 Love the hat I'm crazy for hats
I alway wore hats when I was young
 Same hat
 Cute PJ's 
This store has the best linen
 More hats

 Somebodys home

Hope every one has a great  WEEK END