Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday

I'm so blessed ,

I'm sitting here watching the hurricane Irene

I hope if you are reading this you are safe.

There is so much of bad weather.

Now the east coast evacuations. Our city had evacuation this summer, here in Minot with the war with the Mouse.It will be allot of work and clean up for them now.

This was our sky here last weekend on our way back from seeing Jessie They where so pink

I bought this outfit for the dolls . When I was visiting Jessie.It would be a nice for first day of school dress.

We do not remember days,we remember moments.

ByCesare Pavese

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hi everyone,
Wish everyone would comment . I really want to meet more friends!!
I'm thinking of a give away for leaving comments. So come back
Does anyone know about any Painting blogs??

Here is the cake again .Do not laugh too much at my interpretation of it .
Not really I did it all wrong
It was very good but looks like it fell on the floor,it did not or maybe looks likescrambled eggs.
When I did it my sister was here, and she had saw my blogs, boy it was the best laugh ever. I'm going to try again .And it is going to be pretty (I hope)

Have been working on my swaps ,love them swaps

Santa Sack--Sept.


Garden ( package )



Almost done and ready for mailing.

We have moved most of the things out of different places, to our new shed still need it sided. Now the fun things will start.

Went to see Jessie bought some nice fabric I 'm having fun doing shabby things I do need to make some window treatments. Family room window cornus and a kitchen treatment. Moving some willow furniture to my front porch so need to make new pillow covers.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hi Everyone ,

Is this not the best looking cake ? I'm going to try making one I have a new recipe.

This picture of a cake I took at the cake boss's

bakery in NJ.

I have been trying to clean out our garage. I had my painting classes and a small shop in it.I had classes there for 20 years.

After I quit teaching I put my framing and glass things in there. Joe had his working area, and his reading room-TV area. I will keep my glass and kiln out there. Now we want to move everything out or in the new shed. We have allot to move. And clean up what was in the old shed we had. Also painting some old doors for one my sun room and one as Joe says the man cave. One will be white, one black. I'm not in the mood so it is taking me allot longer then it should. It will be nice to have a car in it.

I would like to do some painting, Found some things I like to get done for the new porch on the shed.

Yesterday we cleaned our back yard,have not done much in the yard this summer

We cut branches and vines I had a old push lawn mower it was under the vines.I forgot it was there .The yard is a mess with so much rain the flood building the new shed. This summer has gone so fast. I need to plant some flower this fall. It is almost time for decorating for fall.

I'm doing the France swap. Doing some shabby chic with a Paris flare.I have allot of things that I can use. It will be fun. Will post after the partner Lynn gets it.

Does any one know about other swaps . I have not been in one for awhile I have been in the Santa sack nothing new. Love the swaps.