Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paper clay fish eyeglass holder

Hi everyone
My project with paper clay
It is a Holder for eye glasses
(Some of my favorite colors)

Paper Clay
"Creative Paperclay® modeling material"
 I use Creamcoat by Delta
I think is covers the best
Ink pen
                                                                             I like the colors
They could match your room.
 My next is going to match my kitchen yellows and blue
 I base coat all color them add dots and trim, then ink around all
I hope you enjoy and make many
Any question just email me!!
Hope can help

Monday, March 18, 2013

HI Everyone

My trip to the thrift shop scraps of pink and red fabric

 Some of the thing I made from the fabric

 One of the bags and a sq for Crazy quilt

The red fabric going to make pears out of it.

 The bags they are so fun to make. Great for gift bag

Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patty's and PS

Hi everyone 
Happy St Patty's day
Happy PS 
This is one of the sheep I made this week
going to make blankets for the different holidays
This what I have been doing
These are small felted and ribbon flowers
Pat winter done some and used them for 
brooches I never use them so do not know what to do with them
Any ideas???
Rag doll fabric sheep and heart

A feather tree

 My easter tree the eggs are felt and ribbon roses

 Small hanging heart stamped ribbon
 The snowman bag  wool snowman
The bag is made with just a few seams They are fun to make
Hope to make some more
Maybe attach the felted brooches to them.