Friday, December 13, 2013

Snowman -Vanessa tour

Was in a snowman swap.This is one thing I received  also a tea towel . I'm going to use it in one of my bedrooms or my sunporch         This is her Etsy shop
This what I sent
The painting in the back will be my Christmas card it is a copy from pintrest

A couple things I made Mussie Tussie's I hang them from my dinning room chairs

I have a tour of my friends house it was amazing .The picture do not look as good as the day. She put some of my dolls for some accents .Another friend did allot of the work for her.
 The formal living room .The marbles in the painting are from my husbands collection ( he has hundred)

 This the quest room Theme was lady bugs and bees. The dolls are from my collection.
 Living room again snowman tree is just a regular  tree just shaped and add the ascent  Need a big room.
 The sons bedroom
 On her kitchen bar ,also she had a 2x4 ginger bread house and all old time candy
 Dining room ,My friend did the painting The flowers where so pretty.
  So nice Snowman tree with one more doll. She had more her bathrooms ,pool, bedroom
It was so nice.. There was four more houses on the tour a fun day.