Monday, May 31, 2010

The holiday

Hope you have a fun holiday!!!

Thank You for coming by Please leave a comments so I know you where here.I will stop over at yours and leave a comment.

My grand daughter is moving to her first apartment and would like help.She is in collage and is going into the fashion industry. She was in NY for a week and now ready for her apartment.I have painted some paintings one is Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn .Now I'm did do some accent pillows I have a Vogue magazine from the 40's and I bought cards from Europe .I copied and sewed them. She also has allot of fashion accent.. I'm going to help her when she moves in July. It will be fun. She collects J's and Q's so will use them. Does anyone have any Ideas. It is a small one bed room. Her bed room furniture is black her living room furniture is burgundy .I will post as I find things.

Just found these picture. I did not frame them .They on a thick canves They ar larger then most I do.So thes e will go in the apartment.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


The winner is---------------MOSAIC MAGPIE

My Granddaughter picked the name
Mosaic Magpie The day she came by was may 24 Th

I will have a another give away when I have 100 followers When we get close I will have a count down I do not know what it will be but it will be home made.

This is number one giveaway

Here is the the prize
It is a 9x6pillow accent with silk flowers and leaves, feather small string of pearls. With a copy of painting done on the computer by Vern Skaug The subject is of a picture taken in Greece. I call it" The Greek Accordion Player"

There will be a small surprise in side the box
When I get the address of Mosaic Magpie and after the holiday it will be in the mail . I hope she likes it and can use it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Great day

Hi ,
Very busy time

The week has gone so fast
Been across the state of North Dakota to funerals.
My cousin was one, it was nice seeing his family and spending time with my sisters.
Will be busy on this getting some crafts and sewing done before we leave again.
My grand daughter surprised us and came to see and spend a couple day.

I bought a new doll on e-bay and he came with a broke arm.Will be sending him back.
I was very disappointed I had already bought outfits for the twins.
The painted can is a lamp .It is a gas can from my our farm it was used 50 years ago.
The one twin will be sent back Tues and I will look for another one . The bear is a artist.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lilac time

Hi Home again
I love lilacs . It reminds me of living at my mother house .Our yard had lilac all around it.
The aroma to me is, Spring time, warmer days ,a fresh start , school is over ,time for fun .
Yesterday on the way back home we stop at a small shop and there was a small bunch of flowers laying on a bed ,lavender color, so had to have it .Came home and found some lavender colored things and sat them with a lilac candle . The sled every thing is on is from Poland. It is great for my displays.. The two doll are from collection The small one sitting the name is Ullwa The one Standing is Silvi
Also found a different bed cover . Going to change my bed room for summer also.
Still working on fun project. I now think I will have the opening the end of June.
Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Painting day


Thank You for coming by.
I did get some few things done yesterday
Getting ready for my Esty store . Not sure when I will have the opening.

I finished my painting from last week my the tea pot with onions today. I started another one . Will post when done. Last week I did a copy of a painting done by a different artist ,did not like doing that. So back to my pictures .

I have two funeral this week .I have had two relatives and a friends mother pass away this last few days. One was too far away to go. One funeral wed. and Fri. both are a couple hours away.

This is my first giveaway
Just leave a comment and you will be in it.
I'm still taking name for my give away The give away is Sunday 29th

This is it!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wonderful Sunday

Thank You for coming by
It is alway nice to have comments.
Today is a good day.Trying to get caught up.

I'm still working on my small store on Etsy.Trying to write in all the blanks.
Doing new crafts things for that.Will be working on that for awhile.

I went to hobby lobby.Got some good deals everyting on clearance.I love when I walk out of a store with a big bag and it was a good price.
I will post when when I use the products.
The Count down in on
May 30th is the day
There is comments 36 all together since I started and 33 followers.
Hope for more comments and followes.
Thank You

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pink Saturday

My May Giveaway
" The Greek Accordion Player"

Hi every one

Thank you for coming by.

This is my give away any one that leaves a comment will be but in hat. From now till next PS. I will pick May 30. May is the my birthday month so it is my month .

I have 30 followers and 25 comments.That is why the giveaway.

I also sat the small pillow in my Pink Saturday arrangement,
It is fun to sit the pillow in bowls ,basket even just by itself on a shelf with a candle.
The painting was painted by Vern Skaug . He took the picture when he was in Greece.
I'm the one to sew it.
My PS is a arrangement of thing I have made or bought them .
The small doll fell and broke her head off so I just glued another one on then added feathers
The tassel I did this week. I got the top from the thrift store.
The small white framed rose I painted a few weeks ago. Small paintings are nice to put in a little grouping. window sill. in the bathroom.
The tag in the frame I got from Esty.
The hanky has lavender in it with silk flowers on top.
garland is just some yarn and beads tied.

The picture is taken on my picnic table it is a redwood. I painted it white put roses on .It sits in my sun room-patio.

Hope you like my PS.

Do not forget to leave a comment.

I wish everyone a great week-end

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Painting day

Hi Thank You for stopping by

This is the painting I was working on today It is painted in pastels. It is a painting I saw in some art magazine. Not sure of the artists name that painted it

I plan to use it in my living room. The color is good for in there.I plan on finishing it next week.A little more detailing and more on the back ground.

The one I'm copying is much softer. So I have some work to do to get it that way,maybe I will not.

You that know Vern. He cleaned his house it is like the old day,( almost ) a little more work.

The weather was so nice today . Maybe spring is here.

Giveaway Prize Pillow
Hope you leave a comment ----

From now till May 30 Th. Everyone that leaves a comment on my blog Will get there name put in hat for a chance to win the -- Greece Accordion Player-- pillow. I have had 25 comment left on my blog and I have 30 Followers .
The next giveaway will be when I have 75 followers

So come visit often and leave a comment.
Thank you for visiting

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cleaning Day

I was cleaning today and found these things. I had carved a few years ago . I'm going to try and do some more carving this summer. Out side it is so messy.
I have allot packed away for different holiday.
I have a small Christmas tree with just carved ornament . I use at Christmas.

Yes I did cut myself, my left hand three fingers 27 stitches. trying to cut a boot tip off and the knife slipped.
We where at a carving class , my friend was falling off a chair and I tried to help her and I got cut again that time 3 stitches .

This is my find today

I used allot for gifts Fun to tie on gifts. Bears kind of a Santos .There is a head and boots, buffalo, cowboy, ornaments

Bears Santa's cat head and a head ,boots
for a doll I think I will finish it . The face of the man, is on bark.

I carved a doll for each granddaughter. They are not very cute.
But very different.

The dolls hands, boots ,head are carved the body is cloth. They are painted with acrylic
paint .

It is fun to put a few accessories on them like the glasses
I'm going to find some more things for them.Has to be small.

They where all fun to do. Hope you enjoy.

Will keep posted when I carve.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pink Saturday

Pink Sat.

This is one of the place my grandaughter will tour in New York in a week .She is going into fashion at collage What a fun Pink.


Have Jessie back home. Had to move in the rain.
I have been looking for a B . Cannot find one. Need to look at some buildings down town.
Hope to hit the thrift stores tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sewing Day

I finished this dress today .The belt I did for a necklace but it did not work out right. ( for myself ). So now it is a belt. I'm done sewing for awhile. Need to get painting done.
The picture was taken in my sun room or patio.
The weather was kind of nice today.
Going to move Jessie this week end back to Bismarck .Will not be long till we move her back for her apartment.
There is always something to do.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Week End

This is the start of the parade It was pretty nice weather.

This is the other direction the main street in Williston
It is very small town. Not very many stores. If you want to open a business this is the place

One of the entry in the parades .(some farmers.)

There is a reservation a few miles from Williston these are from there. There costumes have so much work in them ,with beads and bangles.

This is one of the views from the grave yard .It is about 8 miles from Williston.Was so cold the wind was blowing like crazy.
It was too cold to have the picnic at grave . So we went to the nursing home to have it there. We have a couple cousin that live there. It was nice and warm
Saw allot more relatives there .

This is one of the new oil wells in the Williston area. It is my cousins wifes. It takes up about 10 aces with the trailers and the rigs, all the equipment .They are going up all over the place. They say the area has the most millionaires in the country. Do to the oil .If you need a job this is the place to go .Put come in a camper there is no where to live .People are sleeping in cars. Boy do they make money,but it is hard work .Pick-up trucks every where . Out in the country there are oil rigs all along the horizon . Big change from last year. I learned allot more about the drilling of the wells. Discovery channel was there in town and CNN is coming there . Their has been oil bomb before in the 50's and the 70's . It is said if you own land there you will have a well. But to be rich you have to have allot of the wells and allot of land .

It was allot of fun

Did go shopping to a couple gift shops there was not thing I wanted. They have a couple of them kind of shop. No dress ,I think they may have Pennys .Nothing special they go at else 2 hour drive for any kind of shopping and that is not great .Not much for eating ,cannot get people to work there they go to the oil field to work.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy PS

Hi everyone,

Thank You for coming.

It is may and still cold here.I do have some tulip come up.

Why do we stay here. I'm so very tried of cold weather.

This is my closed in patio. We had it done last summer. It is more like a sun room now. I bought this heart basket 20 some years ago.I still like it. The flower I got in arrangement .I'm going to try and grow a plant this summer . I'm not much for yard work. We will see if one will grow.

This is a mannequin I bought off Etsy .The flower paintings are so pretty .They where painted by my favorite decorative painter, Mary Jo Leisure. I also use them to hang on a lamp shade.

I'm off to Band Day in Williston ND. They have a parade up main st .Bands come from all the surrounding town.There is floats, horses, clown just a old time day .We sit in lawn chairs and watch .Bands have concert in the park in the afternoon. Some of my sister and cousins go every mothers day .We go to parade them shop there is some cute shops.It is a small town but now there is a oil boom. so its very busy. After we shop .There is a car show my uncle always had cars in it .He also passed away this year he was 94 years old ,now my cousin has cars in it.. In the evening we play games and drink coffee. We did drink wine a few years . We rent a suite at a hotel bring snacks .Sat night dinner we buy chicken ,chips and that kind of thing. I baked a few things( will show next week). What is left we take Sunday. Sunday, Mother day we go to my parents grave and have a picnic. We visit our aunts and uncles graves also clean and put flower on everyone grave .It is a very peaceful place. It is in the country out by our farm it is about 5 miles from Montana. Then back home.

Come back and see pictures

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Had a fun Cinco de Mayo.Hope you did too.
Some friends came over had dinner.
More tomorrow

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lazy Day

It has been rainy day. Went and painted, finished another window this time it is from Switzerland. One more window , it will be from Italy again. I like to paint picture I took in Italy I find them easy and fun to paint.Also finished the doll dress I still need to finish the purse.

When the rain stops I will take her to the Scandinavian Park for the calendar .

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Better get Buzy

Thank You for coming over...

Had a wonderful birthday and anniversary.

Now I will start to get some sewing and hand work done.

This is the kind of things I'm going to work on... and small art card .
The quilt, my mother made many years ago. The fabric is from some of the dresses I wore to high school. All the material is from the 40-60's. It is a small lap quilt.

Also, I need to sew a dress for my dolls for the month of May. I want it to be a Norwegian. There is a celebration for them May 17th --Norwegians, that is.
I'm making a calendar of the dolls. So every month I try to dress the doll in a costume of a holiday in that month or a theme of the month.
So I have a busy week..