Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hi Welcome
It is so nice to have you stop by and hope you come back often

A little about me I love to paint and do craft
I paint in oil , watercolor, pastels
Some acrylics for fun things
Do some Paper Clay, do little sewing .
I would call it primitive.
Like doing handwork Crazy Quilt, Wool Penny rugs
I do some kind of craft  . I think all most every day.
I go painting on wed almost every week .Social thing, great friends
 With a few friend that paint .
When I have a trouble they help

I like to decorate my house .
I have rooms that are country, Shabby chic.
When I get back from my travels
I will get some new chairs and carpet for my family room Maybe craft room
Paint my living room Red will be the color.
I collect and 
play, dress  Annete Himstet Doll. Sew dresses for then
They where made in Germany,
But no longer  are being made. 
Some are life size most of mine are.
They fun you can made anything fit 
 They stay neat  never get dirty just dusty

We also travel some
End of February
 Going to Cadiz Spain 
My granddaughter study there.
 We went to see her and really like .The weather is nice .
I go to the sea every day and look for sea glass
I hoping to do watercolor painting
Taking some hand work with wool
If any one knows of a place by Cadiz to see.Let me know.
 Want to go to White villages,Portugal.
 If driving ,train or bus tour,what is the best way to go. If you know any thing about the area 
let me know.

I have been married 50 years this last year.
Have four granddaughter 
Jessie- Kathryn--Kristen--Jillian
Jessie is coming to Spain to stay two weeks.

In may me and my daughter
Jessie and Jillian are going to UK
We will be there for two weeks 
My nephew is living there for a couple years
Looking forward to go see Knotting Hill and everything else
If anyone has somewhere they liked or some neat shop. Would love to hear
I'm sure many have been there I  would like to hear your favorite place

I have one son He live in Minneapolis
He also does allot of traveling
 He works for Honeywell

My husband was in the Air Force for 24 year
We live in Texas, Va. Pa,Panama .
It was wonderful time
 Then went to work at a bank
(Wells Fargo )
He love to fish and golf
He even brings fish home
No ice fishing just summer fishing 

Leave a comment 
Let me know if you want to be in one of the two giveaways
I will be having them often here one my blog
 I just had one ,Three blogger  won
These are the prizes
Will pick Feb 15th

1  Small painting of a Rose on a easel 
,two paper boxes good for storage

My designs
 Med Framed Rose , Basket with egg rose on it
 , Paper Clay Hand Necklace.
I had a button party,
the package is from that,

 I make many crafts and love to give them away.
I do have a niece that does shows that sell crafts and vintage things. 
She took  my things to sell I had so many projects done .
 She is going to  travel the states  Winter in the south, Summer up north. 
 She bought a  camper to live in .
It sounds fun 
I would be to scared, she is very sure of her self.

This is my work for today
Proud of the zipper bags if know me I'm not much of a seamstress.
 Have never did a zipper before.
Saw one in a shop I thought about them and tried, only had to rip out one time
Next time I will line them.
I'm going to use them for cords for charger
I will make them for one of the giveaways.
The dream catcher I saw it on pintrest .
Going to keep adding lace string to it

 Wings and hearts for valentines
I have been looking at different blogs and would like to do the  themes 
for everyday to post.
Like Mosaic Monday
Alphabe Thursday
In spain it will be fun to post.
I hope to meet more girls like I have meet
Try and take better  pictures
Have a great 
Grow Your Blog

Friday, January 23, 2015

1st giveaway names, mouse, computer

Happy Pink Saturday

Had the first picking of my giveaway
They are
Cheryl--- won a journal And a few surprise

Jeanie--- won a snowman paintings
also surprise

Rosezeete --Rose paintings and Valentine wings

 It is fun to meet more friends 
Maybe they will post there wins
I will often have giveaways,
Hope to find things on my travels 

Today was a great day
I got my new printer up and working
also got the phone and iPad 
working wireless
I'm not too good with computers

Had a busy week end had a lot of company to visit
My husband fixed my record player I had when I was a teenage
He was showing some of the company
They spotted a mouse in the garage ( one was pregnant )
They went and got traps,Next day two where in the traps
I when the next day bought more trap 
Some of them plugs, that make high sounds they do not like 
Have not seen any more 
We will be working to clean the garage

Cute Pinterest Pick

Friday, January 16, 2015

Pink Saturday

Happy pink Saturday
This one of my paintings It is one of my favorite
granddaughter many years ago 
My daughter has it
I wore the hat a lot  
 My hair dresser gave me the bird 
kind of cute

 Painting I finished Wed.
It is pastels from out at napa valley

More pink, wool and fabric flowers
One of my dolls changed her outfit 

This where I cut fabric and matts
 All put away and I start painting again

 Look from the main craft room
 I'm done with what I will be doing

This is the last week for the giveaway
leave a comment . Notebook--Roses on small oval,and round---snowmen7x7 canvas
Will be one next month
Just keep leaving comments

Good luck

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Painting room clean up -Kims paintings- giveaways prizes

These chickens I do for every month
finished these for Jan- Feb
The wreath put on a vine wreath will add more
The bird move to the month it is
This is what I did today
 Part of my giveaways not done 
A little more to do
 I cleaned my craft area one closet behind the wood things is the book do not use them much
hope to finish this wood this year
 Where I took the books from and put plastic boxes

 Does not look like I did much but I did 
put the tubs where I can use them more then the book
 Dinning room table 

 Painted the ceramic that broke before Christmas my husband mailed from PA
they are from my sister in law
The set is very nice 
 Put new form in the set of chair in my living room 
planning on getting new when I get back from Europe
 This is a painting I did for my niece of her grandsons
they are pastel
 They where a mess to frame 
my matt cutter was off so I wasted some matt board
I only do  portrait for  family they take a lot of time 
work a lot on these. The picture are from myrtle beach.

Not many have left comment so the list to win is short 
Next week I pick the name 
so leave a comment

Here is the giveaway things again 
 Small plackets of roses
 Small 7x7 canvas snowman
I like to make crafts and only have room for a few
Will be having on going give away to get more comment and friends
I have meet a few already but want more.
One more small 4x4 canvas
I like to sit on a small easel

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Starting to clean up crafts

Cleaning my messy craft room

 Closet full of supply
would be nice to have some way to get it organized
could if I had a lot of money to buy more boxes and cabinets

 desk where I paint and do everything else
 closer to the shelves in closet

few days I hope to have it all nice and cleanup
Have one more closet 
Have the laundry room where I cut fabric and matts for paintings.

I save too much but if I do not I need it

Going to try and work on one type of craft at a time 

It does feel good when everything is in it's place.
Have a great day

Friday, January 9, 2015

Gifts for giveaway

Happy Pink Saturday
I love the way Mary Jo Leisure does her roses ,Been trying to do them

 Start of my give aways
wings with felted  hearts on wool
Small canvas with snowmen .Can sit on a easel . Will have the giveaway after next week.Your name will be in the drawing must leave a comment for this week and next.
 Note book  Rose s I been trying to get like Mary Jo's They are not all done.

Working on kits to sew when I'm in Spain

All in packages buttons tread

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snowmen- giveaways message


I miss the swap for hearts 

I'm going to use what I'm making for a giveaway
not done yet but plane some painting rose I will posts I finish
there will be two giveaways 
one --Hearts
two--Grow your blog

You must leave a comment and a email 
There will be a lot more giveaways from my blog this year
I do allot of crafts and love to give gifts and swap
A door hanger or snowman
Some of my snowmen decorations

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Heart swap

I love swaps have not done any in  a long time,
they  started  some people not following though with the swap .
I know this they will, it is from AU and they do it is more for mail but you get something back.

I think I will do some Painted roses.
will post as I finish things they have to be shipped by first of Feb.

Is any one going to do the grow your blog,
I'm going to try and get more comments.
I want to share things with people that have the small likes.
I love to make things and doing crafts.  

Love comment if you leave a comment I will leave you one

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Happy New Year!!!

My gift to myself is the change on my blog .What do you think?

At last we are back to our regular  schedule .Going to put out snowmen now for January
Taking down Christmas slow this week ,it will be down by next week end after the 9th
I have been gone for a week .
I think I have all my new tech things are working .I can't believe I got it done
Blue tooth, Fitbit, Phone  Charger .
Now I got books to read about Spain and London what to do and see. Going this winter and spring.