Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My new days

Hi everyone ,So glad you come to visit
I'm going to try and make a couple new recipes every week

Tonight it is a cheeseburger potato soup There a few steps. Sounds good Will publish tomorrow

Last June I was in the hospital with some heart symptoms The Dr. told me to eat healthy get to my cheerleaders weight and I will not die from my heart

(I had open heart surgery about 10 years ago) Since June I have been trying to do better

and I have lost about 30 pounds Now to keep it off

I will start the lesson to learn Italian tonight a will write something with the word Will try to post everyday

This is the painting I finished yesterday I took the picture in Italy a few years ago I'm going to do few other from Europe. This is done in Pastels

Tonight I'm working on a rose I want it to be shabby chic using some lace some how It is done in oils
If I'm getting all these things done will be here tomorrow

my new way

I'm trying to do a new recipe three time a week Today's is cheeseburger potato soup . It is a few steps . So it takes some time. Sounds so good . Last summer I was in the hospital with my heart problems

The Dr. said if I eat healthy and got to my cheerleader weight I would not die from heart

That was in June I have lost about 30 pounds So doing new recipes helps

I had open heart surgery about 10 years ago It run in my family

starting my Italian lesson, I hope to use the word in a sentence here on the blog.Will start tomorrow .

Starting painting a rose I want it to be shabby chic in the frame with lace.

Also sewing a cart liner I want to take it with me .when I go to the big craft show in the fall . The show is in Minnesota at Little Falls The whole town is a craft show I got the cart last year. I had this material it is nice and wide hope it works.

This is the painting I finished Tuesday

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Painting day

I went and painted today with my friends Finished the window from Italy .Still no computer using my desk top and do not like it .

I told my husband to day we are going back to Italy in two years that will be in 2012. So we now have to learn Italian by then .He knows allot but I do not. So every day we have to work at it .He has a cousin over there so going to see them but they do not know any English. So wish me luck.