Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday,
Been so busy
But I'm now done Till the day

 This is my bathroom down stairs.

This is the hall of Santa's allot I have painted
The painting on the wall are hand prints of granddaughter Then my mom stitched  around the .She was a quilter she did the quilting on the hands when she was in her 90's

This is a spare bedroom also 

This is some rain dear my mother in law made many years ago.
Have a wonderful  Pink Saturday

Hope you leave a comment. 

    Hi everyone
 Here is my sack under the tree. It look so good I would have like to keep the gift there

This is them wrapped, all but the candle there was a candle holder put it came broke
A tin heart I like tin and hearts
I have a small collection of hearts and I keep them in my patio, that it will fit wonderful
 With red hand towel face cloth
The small pillow and a handy set of scissors
Sunny  must have known  I like bears With a flower hanger I will be so hanging on a wall here
Love Love this
 This is wonderful I love it I have a spot in my Kitchen
I only wish I would have had it out for my open house.

 Here is the candle and a
small welcome mattA notebook and wall ornament

A pillow cross stitched of Paris

She has put so much thought in to this swap I must thank Sunny my  partner.sunny . I do not quilting so love this swap. Hope sunny likes hers

All so Like to thank Cheryl       gone

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Few new things

 A small break  in the tour.I finished a Santo cage doll. Ornaments I made a few days ago and broke one so thought I better take pictures before I break this one.The small pin is a gift .So it is all new Venita
The Paris lid I worked on that the last couple days.It is from a old cloths hamper my mother had .I always said it was made of cardboard ,I now think it is paper Mach it is from the 40's or 50's .We had it at home forever. I cannot remember what the original color. It will be in the main bathroom when done, still have some high lights and shadows and seal.

I love these colors, Next I paint country and I love it .Cannot make up my style.
 I will make another cage doll and will make the base bigger I like to set thing on it.
.Her face is painted, I will also mold the face more on the next one.
This where she will be till after the holidays

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

 The start of the tour
Family room
there is two 4&5 trees .
The charlie Brown one is mostly vintage ball

 Behind the sofa

 My Nutcrackers from Germany There is also tins from there

The bag by Santa is my Santa Sack.
We get to open Thursday Been waiting since July

 I did these ornaments today.Just something to look pretty.
I still have a
bedroom ,office and dinning
Will show the table at the open house party

Monday, December 12, 2011

 Look what I got in the mail love it Every time  I open a bag there was a surprise
Look at the wine bottle it  is  light.
It is alway nice to have new Christmas things.I'm going to buy then rollers for my ribbon.

 This santo doll came from someone else .I will use her all the time.I'm going to try and make one

Will tour more tomorrow

Sunday, December 11, 2011

 Hi everyone,
Start my tour again
Today is the laundry room.
I tried to keep the laundry theme
The tree on the table has clothes pins
The jar has clothespin it to make it stand up.I also cut fabric for sewing

Hope you enjoy


Friday, December 9, 2011

Pink Saturday

Bathroom on main floor the quilt candle matt is from my candle matt swap . Irene her blog I just think it works so good .
This is my white bed room the tree in the sled I painted is a feather tree.
The bed was my grandpa it is about 80 years old
 This the has all Waterford ornament 12 day of Christmas. The Santa is one of a kind hand made with rabbit fur
 These two Santa's ones I painted .Made from canvas
 In the spare bed room main floor .I have porcelain on it  made by friends. Some things I painted.
 I will keep doing my tour. Hope your Pink Saturday is fun as my day will be.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas decorating

 This is a setting on top of my ice box They are gifts from my friend Jeani .Is she not good girl ?
 I painted this goose it is a nut cracker ,I have put greens in it
 On my coffee table is a green wreate and a collection of small santa made out of different products
The rain deer I painted The Santa is one my dh love them dancing thing
 A few of the santas I have carved ,I have not carved for long time ,Maybe I will this year.I just want to do too many things
My tree in our living room it has all the things are made or gifts. Under the tree is things I painted or toys of some thing. I will be having a tour of my decorating what I have done this year.

I have done a lot this year. This is my first year not doing decorating for other people .So it was fun.
We are having a couple open house It is not so cold little snow.  Merry Christmas