Thursday, September 30, 2010

Internet great

Hi Everyone.

This is the first time I have been on the net for a few days. . Have done some things went to the Bloomsburg fair, candle factory Landcaster Ball game Camera shopping , mine quit. I did not remember how many times I used it.The weather here is still warm Today raining like crazy. Did not go to New York to much rain. Maybe after Anita is here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

At the coffee shop

This is my Sept ATC swap

Meri at

I Sure do not like this not having Internet.

We have just been at Roses Joe has been doing the honey do list.

To day he was dizzy again He sure gets it allot.

I have been getting my photos on a CD. Have done some cooking .
It has been warm here.

Sent my Fall swap also --It was fun to find the things. I made some and pick up things on the trip. I could have given more put Rose was asking about me mailing the box. There is so many Fall things.

Friday, September 17, 2010

My ATC Box--I

Hi everyone,

I'm at a coffee shop
Go to the swaps blog and vote ,and see everyones. It was fun thinking how to make one.
Will try to get back to the blog .

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dishes and Jewerly

This is the new way I learned to wrap
stones and glass these are all stones My fall necklace

On our way to the factory .The town is very old and cute.
Out side the factory

This all seconds and a very good price.
Love this room
This is why I wanted to go.To get something I cannot get at home.I did get the big pizza plate.I would like to have four place setting in orange and black and green for fall

I bought some nice things I may go back as I have thought of a few more things
It remind me of in Poland and that pottery
These are not seconds

Are these colors so pretty I like it when things look like a color wheel or a rainbow

I took this picture when shopping in WI. The rainbow colors again like the dishes

Monday, September 13, 2010

Trip of 2010

Hi everyone
I'm on my way to Penn.
We are in Shipshewana In.The Amish town mainly. Went to my favorite store.
Was in Green Bay WI. For the past week end

My friend showed me a different way to wrap stones and glass. We also worked to get her kiln to fire .
Went to Door County is so nice there.
Every where you look it is fall.
This is Joe my husband buying a cabbage They are the size of a basket ball they had green or purple for a 1.00. We had a new cabbage dish noodle and cabbage. I bought home made noodles for it here in Shipshenwana made by the Amish.
Tomorrow going to west Virginia .To the fiesta dish factory. Hope I find something different.
Will be in Wilkes Barre by the week end.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hi everyone. I have missed blogging

Pink candy at the Forks candy store in Winnipeg Canada They had allot of fun candy.Will post later

Judy left today.Had allot of fun with her. We

did allot of painting, shopping, did a few decorative arrangements. She did allot of cooking very good . She has had restaurant in the Portland Or. area.
We did the arrangements .
I may have a home bouquet at the holidays.

The sunflower painting of flowers .I went out and picked them in the field.

Then I put them in a bunch to hang
on a chair, made out of a door . I have the chair sitting in front of our house.The painting is sunflower with the door handle. I picked them the perfect time the next day they where starting to turn brown.

I did copy of the lighthouse for Judy's daughter.We have the same name.
We do not have lighthouse in ND

I have joined the fall swap.It will be so much fun finding fall things.
I did send my ATC Swap will post after my partner received it.