Monday, June 17, 2013

My summer is going fast
Hi where is summer going

I have been so busy this is what I have put aside for awhile
I have been sick a little I had work done on my teeth had to take antibiotic and they make me sick.
Also trying to down size or just get some of the things  I have out of the this house.We are going to put it with some one else and have a auction . We have a shed and have taken two pickup trucks full of things to a storage shed   with thing and still have not cleaned all inside my house .About ten years ago I bought a house trailer FULL of all kinds of glass wear , pottery and some furniture this trailer was so full there was only a small path you could walk,  it was a three bedroom every room was full .I have sold allot I had one auction and sold allot of my things.   I did keep allot of the McCoy pottery  and going to clean it out too. I have five bedrooms living, family inclosed deck inclosed patio rooms all full . I want to clean out it would be nice to have empty cabinets and closets  I'm going to put things in a box for each of my granddaughter  and not save so much. I'm having seven  quilt made out of old tee
shirts from college and trips.This is one my grandaughter for her birthday
 It will be christmas gifts. I'm also going to help my daughter clean hers too.
All so having a family get together this next week end .Have made some pendent for all the girls

My name was Zemliska so I made Z Hope they like them and do not think it is silly. Also hope I made enough  Also this is what I just made it is felted wool
So you see I have a had my hands full but will feel great when all done!!!

Please leave a comment so I know and what you think about the Z's