Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my new way

I'm trying to do a new recipe three time a week Today's is cheeseburger potato soup . It is a few steps . So it takes some time. Sounds so good . Last summer I was in the hospital with my heart problems

The Dr. said if I eat healthy and got to my cheerleader weight I would not die from heart

That was in June I have lost about 30 pounds So doing new recipes helps

I had open heart surgery about 10 years ago It run in my family

starting my Italian lesson, I hope to use the word in a sentence here on the blog.Will start tomorrow .

Starting painting a rose I want it to be shabby chic in the frame with lace.

Also sewing a cart liner I want to take it with me .when I go to the big craft show in the fall . The show is in Minnesota at Little Falls The whole town is a craft show I got the cart last year. I had this material it is nice and wide hope it works.

This is the painting I finished Tuesday

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