Friday, August 6, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hi everyone,
Happy Pink Saturday
So nice to have you stop by
I hope you leave a comment. I will leave you one also

Thank You Beverly for all your time and work for making Pink Saturday
I look for ward to it every week. I look for something pink and detail. That is one of the thing I need to do . I do not pay much attention to detail so need to work at that.

The dolls are a few from my collection of dolls .The Blondie is wearing a dress my granddaughter Jessie wore when she was about four years old, she loved Disney, she is now twenty
The doll wearing the shirt dress ,Jillian wore a few years ago. The dark hair one is wearing a watch I had when I was little. My mother saved it for me .I'm sure glad she did. It is a yellow elastic band with a plastic watch.( You see I come by it naturally saving things) Maybe one of you will remember them.
The red head is wearing a outfit I recycled. I do have fun with them. Me and Jillian changed them for Pink Saturday.

They all look like movie stars. The picture was taken in our back yard it was nice day to be outside.

I have had a great week Spending days with granddaughters Jillian and Jessie shopping. Did school shopping .First day school dresses and supplies. Worked on Jessies blog Check it out I think she did good. It is very helpful.
Today me and Jillian played Cake Boss( it is a show on the food channel)
Here are pink cupcakes she made. She had to make a display. Also made some pumpkin. Did you know there is no can pumpkin around since last Nov?
This next week Jillian is staying longer.

I received my Christmas in July swap gift.. I love the elves I mailed mine today .
I hope Elaine Likes mine as much as I liked what she sent.After she received mine I will post both. It was fun Now I'm going to help my friend do things for her holiday craft shows .Making holiday arrangements she has allot of vintage and fun thigs to use. Will be fun.

Hope you all have a great, fun ,and safe week


  1. Great post and your dolls are adorable. Sounds like a fun time with your granddaughters. Happy PInk Saturday!

  2. Wow, your dolls are just precious!! So happy I found my way to your fun blog! Happy Pink Saturday!


  3. Happy Pink Saturday! Your dolls are incredible, they look so lifelike! Thank you for sharing, have a great weekend, Nan

  4. Your dolls are beautiful!! They look so real.

    Oh, and the cupcakes look delish!! We like The Cake Boss too. My daughter told me just this week that they are going to have to change the name. Apparently, there is some other thing (don't remember what) that already has rights to that name.

    Have a lovely, pink Saturday.

    Patti~Fill My Cup with Beauty

  5. At first glance I thought your dolls were real! What an adorable granddaughter! Happy Pink...Marcia

  6. I love the cupcakes and the pretty display. Good for her! The dolls are so pretty, I bet you have fun dressing them up.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Pink Saturday-

  7. sorry! That was my "dataxstream" profile, I meant to leave my comment as CailinMarie!

  8. Love the photo on your header.
    Yes, I painted the chair then roughed it up a bit. I see too, that you are a painter. Do you have anything on your blog? Happy PS

  9. What beautiful dolls & how fun to have the girls with you ...

    Have a lovely PINK weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  10. What cute dolls but the real doll is your darling granddaughter!!!

    I did not know that pumpkin is still scarce....glad I got a couple of extra cans last year...I can't imagine the holidays with out pumpkin pie!!!

  11. WOW!! I love those dolls and I noticed some Christmas pixies in the photos of your
    Christmas swap. I still have 2 of mine from when I was a child!!


  12. Your dolls are so cute and the cupcakes make me hungry. My grandchildren love the Cake Boss also. When I was in Pennsylvania recently my brother in law and sister drove three hours to Hoboken just so I could take pictures of the bakery and get four cupcakes to take back to the grandchildren (who live in Florida). They thought the cupcakes were amazing.

    I am a decorative painter also, I would love for you to visit my blog.


  13. Well, what a nice surprise to see a fellow Annette Himstedt collector, aren't they the best, my favorite doll artist for sure, so sorry she closed her factory! Happy Pink Saturday and I'm so pleased to have stopped by for a visit. I have a lovely Lihle dressed in pink in my bedroom, I'll have to show her in her pinkness one of these Pink Saturdays! Pinky and Doll hugs to you and your girls!

  14. Hi there, those dolls are so cute. It's wonderful that you can use the things from your granddaughter and yourself. How precious is that, I am sort of that way too...:-) I like to get splits from the gardens of friends and relatives because it has real meaning. Have a wonderful PS~

  15. Beautiful pink treasures Thank you for sharing..Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. Your grand daughter is a doll!! They all look so real and are just as cute as can be. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  17. Love the look of those cupcakes, the world's most perfect food!

    Thanks for you visit to my blog today; i appreciate it!

    Happy PS!
    Maggie @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  18. Your dolls are so adorable all dressed up in pink! Your grand daughters must love visiting you and playing with them.

    Yummy looking cupckaes and I love the elves you received in the Christmas swap! They are so vintage!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  19. cute pinks.
    kids are adorable there.

  20. Happy Pink Saturday! This is my first time and I have just loved it. What a beautiful collection of dolls. They look like little girls over for the day. How fun to have a blog swap. I have been reading about this lately. It must be like Christmas to get to open a surprise package for Christmas in August. Can't wait to see.

  21. ohhhh..they are beautiful!!! look so real!
    thank's for sharing!

  22. When I saw the first picture, I thought those dolls were real children! It's my first PS and just stoppin by to say hello!

  23. Very lovely pinks! And I really like your Christmas swap stuff!! How fun!!
    HUgs, Lisa

  24. What a fun post! Beautiful dolls! and great Christmas goodies!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck!

  25. What a coincidence that you mentioned that you can't get pumpkin puree anywhere. I didn't know that until yesterday when I went to the grocery store to specifically get just that. I wanted to use it as a substitute in a weight watchers recipe. The clerk said there had been a shortage on it since last Fall. I sure didn't know that! Happy Pink Saturday. Your dolls are pretty amazing.

  26. I'm glad you liked what I sent in the swap..It's hard to pick something for a person you have not met.Having a bit of problem with my blog so will be going to this new one which is

    if you would like to follow

  27. Happy Pink Saturday, Laura. I hope you enjoyed being one of the featured participants.

    I love all of your dolls -especially the real ones.

  28. Well gosh don't you have the cute dolls! And cupcakes! Very cute post and apologies for my tardiness for PS. :) Nancy