Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have not had a computer for too long .
Could not get any wireless. The only thing good about it is I cleaned and got things cleaned out A friend is have a garage sale this summer . I'm giving it to her for it. There is boxes of things I no longer want.
I had a feather tree up and it started to tip I took it down and put the things away. Do not think I will have a tree ,May do one for my daughter.Will be gone allot before Christmas and my house is clean
I have done too many tree for other peoples . Maybe next year.
I have everything done I will not do any baking
Gifts are wrapped cards are addressed. I think the older you get it harder to get in the holiday mood.


  1. I am with you about all the getting ready for the holidays. I would much rather have my house clean and all the gifts wrapped. It would be so nice to have all that complete. Thank you again for all the wonderful things you so generously sent my way. What a wonderful friend you are.

  2. Hi Laura.... sounds like you have done some of those necessary jobs whilst you have had no computer..... have any goats arrived your way yet??
    At least you seem to be getting ready for the holidays - I have too much still....