Thursday, December 15, 2011

Few new things

 A small break  in the tour.I finished a Santo cage doll. Ornaments I made a few days ago and broke one so thought I better take pictures before I break this one.The small pin is a gift .So it is all new Venita
The Paris lid I worked on that the last couple days.It is from a old cloths hamper my mother had .I always said it was made of cardboard ,I now think it is paper Mach it is from the 40's or 50's .We had it at home forever. I cannot remember what the original color. It will be in the main bathroom when done, still have some high lights and shadows and seal.

I love these colors, Next I paint country and I love it .Cannot make up my style.
 I will make another cage doll and will make the base bigger I like to set thing on it.
.Her face is painted, I will also mold the face more on the next one.
This where she will be till after the holidays

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  1. Such fun touring around and seeing all your magnificent decorations... love your new header picture...