Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The big day is coming

The wedding is coming .They are a wonderful couple

That girl will have a hard and wonderful life.

She will have everything at her finger tips.

I think she always has had allot.

They sure live in different world. This is what I have worked on .It is a small pocket Have no Idea what to use it for .maybe 3x2 so small .But it was fun to make.The linen pocket is small but could use it for a credit cards and or money.Carry to a craft show .
I'm trying to learn the beading and CQ's

A friend is one of the nicest

things you can have and one

of the best things you can be


Douglas Pagels

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  1. Oh, what a creative person you are!
    I enlarge the picture and could see the lovely girl. I cannot do any craft work and always respect ladies who have the skill.

    Well, let's have fun the BIG event together with TV♫   Hugs, orchid

  2. The wedding was beautiful. A fairy tale come true!