Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friend Swap

What a great Friends swap She is a very good at Stiching I really like what I recieved .Will be using all the gifts.

I bought a new Apple computer .So I'm trying to use it I also have a nook too .So I will not be doing much sewing or painting.  I heard it is so easy. not for me! Do not know how much I will be blogging.
Jessie is going to Spain in Jan so wanted to skyp with her .
She will be going to Cadiz Spain to study Spanish, We are planning to go and visit. So any one any hints let me know.We are planning on renting some kind of Apartment for a few weeks.
I did get my swaps ready for Oct. so that is good.
I'm working on my Christmas card also .Maybe this will be the last year I paint one.It is so hard to quitsomething when you do something a few years.People tell me they look forward to it. I started it after 9/11. This year is a santa and a small girl from a picture I found in a magazine.


  1. What a lovely array of gifts. You are one lucky gal!
    NiCe.... :)

  2. Enjoy your new Mac. I'm a big Apple fan!