Sunday, October 21, 2012

News release!!!

                           News release
                               Not really


            I was picked to be on the
                        DESIGN TEAM

I was picked to  creative Design Team for CREATIVE  PAPER CLAY
 It is for six months Nov-Jan .
It is so easy to work with.I have been working with the clay for a couple years.
I will post one time a month a new designs and picture how I do it. Tips to help you work with the clay
I hope you will learn allot from my designs .I will be working with some very talented gals on my post I will link to them so you can see what they do and get help from them.The gal that is charge of this team

This is just a few things that can be made with Paper Clay that I have sitting in my family room
There is no end to make.

I have been picked to do some new designs. I use these all around


  1. Hi Laura, Congratulations! I will be looking forward to seeing your new designs. Have a great week. Your Missouri Friend.

  2. cant' wait to see what you create

  3. You are very creative, talented, and using it well.