Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paper clay- Goodwill

This is my Design for the month of January
Freezen the reason
"Creative Paperclay® modeling material"
Go look at the other projects
fun things

Supply list
paper clay
wood dowels
( tall as you want him)
tin foil
Delta Creamcoat

Yellow Ochre
Blue Jay
Terra Cotta

First I formed a body and head 
 dowels for legs
I wrapped them with thin layer of clay
added arms and muffs

 This how it looks wrapped
Added formed arms and ear muffs
everything painted yellow ochre
red muffs
nose  terra cotta
black and blue jay eyes
then brushed ivory lightly over the whole thing
black dot center smaller dot blue them ivory

 painted scarf buttons added
 Went to Goodwill look what I bought
The white hand work is tatting
Three pair of eye glasses and a vintage heart cookie cutter and thread

All that work, they where 1.00
 Will use in my crazy quilts.
My painting I almost have it do going to put my two granddaughter's  in it
 it in Morrocco when we where there last spring.


  1. Sooo cute! I love your lil' snowman :)

    I also love all your sweet finds ;)
    I havent been thrifting for 2 weeks, and I am having serious withdraws,lol...

    take care,

  2. Your painting is outstanding! beautiful colors! I can't wait to see it when you're done, although you could even leave it like that as beautiful as it is!
    You did good at the good will, I want to go to mine soon and see if I am lucky enough to find me a little treasure :)

  3. oh meant to say the little guy is so cute!

  4. Oh my goodness! the tatted lace is beautiful and your snowman is incredible! You are very talented.

  5. I like your painting - i feel like walking down that lane! You should have a bigger pic of it here though:) I enjoy fossicking "op shops" too. thanks for your visit:)

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