Friday, November 22, 2013

Back again

Hi everyone
Been gone for awhile . I hope to get more comments Please help me out.
I'm trying to get organized .
Went to Italy for a couple weeks
I cleaned all my pictures on my computer I had 29,000 so many duplicate ,Put I got it done.
Been sick the Dr. was giving me to much med.
All so computer was not working. I lost all my favorite I followed.
I feel great now and want to get back to blogging and doing crafts again.
I have to do a few painting for someone .Once I finishes them I plan to have some fun and do some crafts. and do some decorating for the holidays not in the mood but once I start i get into it. Want to organize all the things I have .
I'm in a snowman swap ,need to do more swaps ,it gets me going .
This is my pink Sat.


  1. Glad things have improved for you. I love your pink turkey shot. The least amount of medicine you can take, the better you are off. I hate taking anything.

  2. Laura, we have tried several times to contact you about the Snowman swap. Could you please go to the swap group over at Etsy Cottage Style and respond.

  3. Not what I would expect to be pink!

  4. Welcome back! Hope things improve for you.

  5. Never saw a pink turkey, but this one is a beauty. Night keep it from being used for the holiday.

  6. Perfect for Pink Saturday! Love it!