Thursday, January 31, 2013

the winner

The winner is 
Sandy #49
I had 52 that came by 
I never got by everyone yet 
Hope to still get by all of them
I hope  to have some stop by often

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hi everyone ,
With husband is gone so get so much done.

Today I have got alot done stared the day making bread .Had some  whole milk so made bread
Mixing here
I stared the rug few days ago  
taped it then painted the base colors 
now I'm putting some flower on it
It is for my living room 
We have my granddaughter 's dog and 
he can not hold his pee
So I have no rugs on my floors
I do not like it so making this rug it is made out off canvas.  
then I can whip it up if he does
I will post when done.
will take time to pain the flowers.

This is  from a old sewing I painted then add
petals, lace

 side and top

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paper clay- Goodwill

This is my Design for the month of January
Freezen the reason
"Creative Paperclay® modeling material"
Go look at the other projects
fun things

Supply list
paper clay
wood dowels
( tall as you want him)
tin foil
Delta Creamcoat

Yellow Ochre
Blue Jay
Terra Cotta

First I formed a body and head 
 dowels for legs
I wrapped them with thin layer of clay
added arms and muffs

 This how it looks wrapped
Added formed arms and ear muffs
everything painted yellow ochre
red muffs
nose  terra cotta
black and blue jay eyes
then brushed ivory lightly over the whole thing
black dot center smaller dot blue them ivory

 painted scarf buttons added
 Went to Goodwill look what I bought
The white hand work is tatting
Three pair of eye glasses and a vintage heart cookie cutter and thread

All that work, they where 1.00
 Will use in my crazy quilts.
My painting I almost have it do going to put my two granddaughter's  in it
 it in Morrocco when we where there last spring.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Being busy


I have a hang over from all the visiting.
I just had so much fun ,hope I get few people coming back
There was so many wonderful blogs.
I have been by about more the half and will stop  by all blogs.
 Will draw for the giveaway  Feb 1st
I will be writing on my blog in the evening so if you come by early I will stop by your blog some part of the day

I will have some time by myself for a few weeks .
Looking to no cooking
Going to clean, craft!!!
Started today changed my living room and dinning  around
It is so nice to fell good and get something done.
Tomorrow I paint with friends .
I have a big jobs.

Still bathroom is being worked on it  started Sept.  It is so slow it is too small of a job I think.
So the carpenter does it last
So I will clean upstairs then start down.

Want to cut wool ,finish sewing and painting
Will post as I go. Hope I get allot done

Friday, January 18, 2013

Grow my blog

Hi everyone
I sure hope I meet some more new friends This is my giveaway If you comment and hope you come back
I blog to meet new friend visit back and forth, and I like to do swaps. I have learn alot about sewing
Also I'm the Paper clay design team I have had fun trying to come up with new ideas for me any way

I have alway done crafts even as a kid.When we lived in Texas I took a painting class and fell in love with it and have been painting since. I had a small studio and had painting classes. I went to many classes and conventions. Did allot of things I would never have done if I had not been painting.

I have been retired for a few years and now I do what I want to do and that is allot of different crafts

I wood carve,fuzed glass, crazy quilts,paint with watercolors,acrylics, oil and pastels .paperclay,sew doll clothes. I think the only one do not do is scrapbook and quilting.
 I collect Himstedt dolls I have 15 different ones some twins.  Here are some pictures of them at the holiday time. I change there outfits all the time I think it is fun.
I do love antiques have a too many .I can not go to actions I just have to buy and my house is full!!.

I have a son and daughter , they each have two girls spend time with them they live aways from here.
Me and my husband do travel some was in Spain last spring and I spent a week in New York for the Macy day parade so much fun!! Will go again someday. Hope to go to Italy in the fall

This is my giveaway for the grow my blog

 This is my sandy hook heart

 Valentine box swap
Zipper coin swap
Here are my swaps the mug rug and cups are in the swap too
The fish is paper clay eye glass holder ,bird there is also a pin cushionI'm trying some new designs for paper clay team
This is the Initial heart swap
This the  pink scarf for Breast Cancer

I will have a give away .So follow and make a comment.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things made

The things I made this last week
Small coin purse, eye glass case
Jeans pillow

 Mannaquin from things I bought in New York

 Crazy Quilt purse ,been wanting to make this bag
This a mannaquin from things I bought in New York
Going to be home for awhile by myself
going to finish allot of projects
I had my teeth done this week
I have been working on my swap 
These small coin purse.Two seams and folds
Great for gifts. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pink Satruday

Happy PS
Valentines on its way 
I like to make hearts
Saw this on pinterest
Going to try and make them
Have a good week

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Clip art CQ

I'm starting to do some more CQ
Going to do some swaps and also doing a block quilt sq for
 Newtown  Ct.  
Just finished a front of a vintage style bag.
Feel better, so have been working on my Paper clay projects
a cute little snowman. Some valentine things
These are the clip art I'm going to use in 
my CQ's I will be working on
Need to get them done I'm having work done on my teeth so have to finish them

Hope everyone is having a good day and leaves a comment