Monday, February 10, 2014

Santo and watch handwork

Hi ,
Been watching the Olympics
They are so fun to watch for me.
they work so hard to get there
Hope your day is pink or red

I have made these so many ways 
Your valentine from me

Trying to keep up with posting and to stay off Face book, I waste way too much time there.

I did handwork this in side a watch case .It is a necklace or as I did hang it on a lampshade.

I copied these paper clay off pinterest , mine are little  different.
 I like to use paper clay
 I made some very tiny dolls but they sold. Will make more and post , today I will make and paint then show .Does any one know where to find swaps or who is having one ?

Hope I start to get more comment and meet some new friend, 
I have meet wonderful friends.


  1. Love your little hearts...HPS Michelle

  2. Happy Pink Saturday! Happy Crafting...

  3. Very nice! So cute! Been trying to watch the Olympics as well. Thanks for the visit and HPS!

  4. The little hearts are so cute! You do very nice work. Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. How exquisitely charming, and such dainty work. I so love the little vignettes, made in or on tiny unexpected spaces. And the lampshade is one of the most interestingly composed pieces I've encountered in a while---I can see remnants and so many memories there for the viewing.

    Thank you for dropping in at LAWN TEA!


  6. Your little hearts are adorable! I have been watching as much of the Olympics as I can after work. Please feel free to stop over to enter my pay-it-forward giveaway.

  7. The Lampshade is a Gorgeous Creation! I too have met so many Wonderful Blog Friends and had the privilege of now meeting some of them in Person as well. It's great to connect with Kindred Spirits who Share similar Passions and yet diverse Lifestyles and Experiences! I have never been more Inspired than when I visit the Land of Blog... or Pinterest! *winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian