Monday, August 25, 2014

Gas can/ CreativePaperclayhand /curling willow

This is something to read
She needs some help too

Been in Minn.My son and his family and granddaughter Jessie live there
Went the twin game sat in the Honey Wells
 box that's the way to see a game
Shopping, eating, out at great fun places.
 Went to mall, had my eyebrows treaded. I like that done.
Antique Shops found some fun things suitcase,wire basket,tin strainer tray, a lot of spoons, forks, knife
 At the art store got allot of craft supply .Going to start and try to stamp silver wear

This is what I was working on at home  Small  " Creative Paperclay"  hand for jewelry Will be painting them
They are two different ones

This can from our farm. No one has live there since 1956.So it just has a few old building falling down or they are down .I went out there and found this old gas can ,my father had used . Clean it up sprayed painted and decorated it with a fun and funky .Going to use it in the man cave room I have a few other thing with this design.There is a bottle stopper in the pour spot so not dust in it .the shade is tied with rags of fabric.There is design all the way around.

A fun memory

This is hanging on our shed porch the willow is from Oregon is curly willow.I'm going to add more glass pieces, use solar yard posts for the lights.

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