Tuesday, November 3, 2015

cuffs /shoes

Happy Halloween

Have not felt too creative lately
My granddaughter Jessie got a new apartment
Wants a Spanish dinning room still have one more .Then frame them all
it will be nice

 The had work a wrist cuff .
The denim is from my dads coveralls I found them in the old farm house,washed and making things ,it means a lot to me.
 It must be 90 years old
Button are from a couple gals sell button, once I had a bottom party with them

 When in Portland wanted to do a red and blue cuff so some of the trims are from there

 Made the hat  stand there is s Styrofoam  is covered with dictionary word
, Hat from Spain for my dolls
wood stand is a finial painted  there is a lace hat  I got at a estate sale

Another cuff all the side , One of my hands I collect

I like the looks of bikes
I hope I get some comments

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