Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dolls Spainish items

Still talking about Spain
The things I bought for my doll

The pink hat
pillow from Paris
I sewed the dress
The chair is from my bed room when I was in high school,
A lot of years ago

I did not know I had so many turquoise things

 The doll with there Spanish things

 Apron and hair flower
 Her outfits is all from Spain

 One of hair piece I bought at the craft handmade store.

 This is the first doll I bought 
It was in Germany
He was too big to carry on the plane
 Had to buy a ticket 
( or better know as pay for  another suit case)
His phone is one we used last time in spain
 My shelf
 I bought at the flea market 
I need to group my flea market things love it all
Hope to find some treasure in London
This may be the last post for awhile,
 unless I can work off my phone 
.Not taking computer only my phone

Monday, May 18, 2015

sea painting/ graduation

Went to my Great nephew 
High School graduation .
In the country in Montana
There was only four to graduation.
Then we went to my sisters farm.
It was in a large building
 they store there machines in .
It was so fun.
Then we went back home it was snowing 
The closer we got to home the more it snowed
We where out side of home town,it was icy,
my brother in law was driving
and a big moose ran in front of the truck,it came so close 
we had some one taking care of us.

 Getting ready for London ,Remembered my nieces birthday is when we are there.
I thought  what can I get her. 
looked at pictures .
Picked one of the sea at Cadiz Spain,
Got it done .So packed and  ready to go,
Will try to post while in London
Working on this cathedral in Milan Italy

Hats I bought in Spain

When I bought the small hats
The lady gave me the fan

Friday, May 8, 2015

mothers day

Hope everyone is having a nice time with
all your  children OR
what ever you are mother to.

Another window from Cadiz
There was a lot of hat shop
This shop was a neat shop a lot of one a kind things  

Would love to fit this dress

This is a painting of mine
It is a fire place screen
The picture in not that  good 
The sea is in California

 My doll 
I sewed the dress ,
The hat is one I bought in Spain at a hat shop
There is so much turquoise in the decorating today

 More turquoise 

 Here is more turquoise balls I bought in San Fransisco 
bottle from Panama we lived there,
sea glass, stones from Spain and Italy.The water bottles are from France
Small picture is a postcard from Paris
The painting is one of the first  I did it at Priscilla's many years ago
I have a white from her too.
They are so sweet.

The heart is wrapped sea glass

 Here is more turquoise balls I bought in San Fransisco 
Bottle was on ships no bottom so the cork would not dry out,

 From Panama we lived there,
Sea glass, stones from Spain and Italy.
The water bottles are from France
Small picture is a postcard from Paris
There is a large ball and I got that in Panama

There is a large ball and I got that in Panama

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Washer/ Painting/ Frames

Hi Everyone
Hope your mothers day is wonderful
I know I will. Will be with family,
Back home is not very interesting,
Here is what I have been doing.
 Finished a painting,
 Had some I finished before we went to Spain,
 but not framed found some  frames I had 
They need to be touch up or maybe even painted.

Paintings  I bought in Spain

When got home our dryer did not work
here is my new one

Went shopping make a fabric track  toy cars ,to  take to  my grand nephew
So need to get it done
My tee shirts are a mess so wanted new ones 
no luck 
Going to my home town for mother day

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ronda/ Trip Home

Before we left we went to Ronda Spain 
It was rainy so bad then it clear up ,
This village is a white city all so know for many things
bridge ,water fall, and the cliff it is sitting on

We left on the train to Madrid to get on the plane 
Poppy a long the train tracks

Out the train window

We are home got home Thrusday
The jet lag was terrible
I'm ok now 
Starting back to the same old thing 
I'm now getting ready for my trip to London
The winner is Ariandne
She Comment almost every post while I was in Cadiz
Thank You 
Will be sending soon

I hope everyone keeps leaving comment .
Do not know what I will post but will try to  post 
more often  then before the trip
When in London I will not have my computer .
But will try to use my phone 

I had the best Welcome home 
My sister came and picked use up.Had the water on Some lights turned on
It was so cosy and welcoming 
My friend wrote on my welcome sign .
He has done sign painter so the writing is so nice.
They also put the flower on it, they where on my back shed.