Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hi ,
Hope you leave a comment
Here is the mountains in Pa on our way home.

They where even more colorful a week before.My camera quit so missed them.It is a beautiful

This is my dark ATC for Oct.
I have been on the move so my partner has not found me yet.

This is what I received from my fall swap .Very nice. I got it while I was gone It was nice to get it there .Used it while I was in Pa and now at home. Another nice swap.

Getting my house in order. Putting things away ,washing clother. A home for what I bought.
Also finished my doll calendar picture taking. It has been fun trying to fit the doll to the month.I will be selling them. They will be small desk or table calendars .


  1. Lots of work to do once you get home. Something that is supposed to be relaxing like a vacation, is hard work!

  2. Grandma, you still need to show me how to sign up for Pink Saturday, it never seems to work for me. Also, I was thinking that instead of Twiggy for my next painting you could look into Andy Warhol's work. Any of his would be cool, if you think your up for it.

    Call you later, Jessie

  3. Laura,
    I just went over to see why I had not heard from Elaine and her internet is out. It will not be too late to join us as we are just getting started. When I hear from her, we will get in touch with you and let you know what we are doing. You can then decide if you want to join.

  4. Being gone a month is a long time. I was only gone for six days and coming home it seems there is always so much to do....laundry, dishes, etc. I am so glad you visited my blog. xo Lynn