Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm Home

I'm back
I have been gone for almost two months
It seems like two years
Staying with my sister in law is trying. It was a long stay.
No internet. Sleeping next door.And the list goes on. It will be awhile ,if I ever go back.

We got home early I needed medicine. A week is too long with Rose, she is so spoiled and has other problems. So it was time to leave.
It is a long drive from PA to ND
When we got home, My niece was still here I thought her and her family was leaving 12Th of OCT. That was a surprise when she was still here she did not call and tell me.
Then in the mail ,I need a follow up for my breast monogram I had before I left
What is next??
We did allot while we where gone, New York, Atlantic City and allot of day trips. There is so many things to see and do in Pa.
I did find a few fun things on the trip. I also did do some handwork done.

Penn is so pretty The trees are so colorfull people decorate for fall with mums and pumpkins They do not do that here . too much windI will next year.

I hope to get to making some Christmas things
Hope I can find some kind of swaps. I'm going to start thinking about a giveaway

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  1. Welcome home and back to Blog Land!
    It is hard to away so long.