Friday, December 10, 2010

Fast Week

Hi Everyone

This week has gone so fast

I still cannot see so good. I found some reading glasses it helps allot . The Dr. said it would take awhile.

I have two of the traveling goat . I finished what I'm adding.They will be flying off to Canada and Australia. This is so fun . I hope I get into more swaps. If anyone hears of one let me know.

This is what I sent to Yukon Territory. It sure looks like a rabbit. I wonder what it will look like when it comes back.


  1. Those are looking fantastic.... glad the reading glasses have helped.... have a wonderful weekend....

  2. I love what has been done with both the goats you are sending out. I bet you did the needle felted sun on the round one with the button flowers! So much fun I wonder what we can do next!

  3. Your swaps look like great fun. Have a Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. The swaps look like great fun. I hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday and enjoy all that the holidays have to offer. Blessings...Mary