Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home again

I'm home again

I had surgery day before thanksgiving went to my daughters for thanksgiving There was a storm had to stay a extra day. Went to the Dr. Wed Had other eye Thursday Was going to have my eye checked Friday morning .My sister call my brother in law Eldon had passed away in the night.She lives in the city where my daughter lives ,so off we went again.I'm home now for awhile. It sounds bad but we had some fun most of our family was there and laughed allot.

Still cannot see to great. I have two of the goats here and will be working on them.


  1. I hope your eye is doing better. You all had snow up there. We have been lucky so far the snow and rain hasn't come that far South yet. They talk like we may get our first snow on Saturday, but we will wait and see. Take care. Your Missouri Friend.

  2. Sorry to hear about your BIL.... but as you said it is nice having the family together.... Hope your eyes are getting better.... take care..