Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I have been flying all all over the world with the OWOH. Ihope to keep blogging with some. It is too bad it is the last time. I loved it.

My foot is done they removed the nerve.Now I can wear different shoes in a few weeks .

I have had this thread for along time .Now that I just sit. I put all the thread on cards.

Before and After

This what I sent for my Valentine swap The partner like it Workrd out great.
This is my January ACT swap Snow and White
The blue picture is from me
White is from my partner and she also sent me a stamps I haven never used them before.


  1. Hi, I´ve sent you a private email on Saturday concerning your comment on my blog (you told me you´re from North Dakota, one of the states I miss in my ATC collection ...). Maybe my mail landed in your spam folder?! However, I´d love to trade with you, please contact me if you want. Marion

  2. I love your header. Please come back again I can suggest all sorts of books.