Friday, June 24, 2011

Flooding Minot ND

This is down the road from me .The river is still coming there is hundred of house under water.Minot will never be the same. there is only one road to get from south to north of Minot. The river has never been so high. The river just keeps moving over more land. these picture are a few hours ago it is now worst. My niece lost her house it was there first house. It just broke my heart seeing her cry.

It is so scary

My house is fine .It is starting to rain again.They say 2-3 inchs


  1. This has just been incredible news. I hope you are able to continue to be fine - I have watched the weather - it is amazing how things can be so different in all the corners of the states. I hope this ends for you all soon!

  2. Oh Janet... and there I am moaning about losing emails... this brings it all into perspective.... Lots of thoughts to you all and a cyberhug too...

  3. My heart hurts for Minot. It's especially painful when you know it's coming, and you can't do anything about it. Prayers and hugs.

  4. OMG!! I am so , so sorry. The Wyoming Valley here was devastated in 1972 by the Agnes Flood. My sister's house was completely covered with water, right over the roof!! Lost everything!
    But we did rebuild and the Wyoming Valley came back better than ever!
    My prayers and thoughts are with you!
    I will never forget being in my sister's car as we rushed ahead of the water after leaving her home , trying to gather some belongings...